Israeli demonstration demanding removal of Netanyahu and completion of prisoner deal

Hundreds of Israelis demonstrated in central Tel Aviv and the cities of Haifa and Rehovot, demanding the overthrow of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government and holding parliamentary elections, as the war on the Gaza Strip enters its 120th day.

During these protests, protesters chanted slogans holding Netanyahu responsible for the events of October 7 and the events that followed, in addition to accusing him of corruption and mismanagement of the prisoner exchange deal file.

Protesters demanded that the government expedite the return of 136 Israeli prisoners held by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

The Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper said hundreds of Israelis took part in an anti-government protest at Haifa's Horev Junction, demanding early elections. The participants carried banners that read: “Elections are now and save the prisoners.”

Dozens of people demonstrated and shouted slogans against Netanyahu in the city of Rehovot.

Israelis hold almost daily demonstrations in Gaza demanding early elections and the release of prisoners, but the main demonstration is held on Saturdays.

Israeli officials estimate that about 136 Israelis are still detained in the Gaza Strip, since the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) launched Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on Israeli military points and settlements around the Strip on 7 October.

In the attack, the Palestinian resistance captured at least 239 people in towns and cities around Gaza, and dozens of them were deported to Israel during a temporary humanitarian ceasefire that lasted 7 days and ended in early December. Changed.

On the other hand, Palestinian prisoners' organizations reported that, under the ceasefire, Israel released 240 Palestinian prisoners from its prisons, including 71 female prisoners and 169 children.

Israeli forces have been waging a devastating war on Gaza since last October 7, which as of Saturday has killed 27,238 and wounded 66,452, mostly children and women, according to Palestinian officials, and caused massive destruction and unprecedented humanitarian loss. . Disaster according to the United Nations.

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