Islamic author and thinker Dr. Muhammad Salim al-Awa writes for “Al Jazeera Net”

At a public lecture in the Library of Alexandria, to which I was invited to be among the cultural and political actions that impacted people around the world in the wake of the 2011 Egyptian revolution, in that lecture I was asked: What is my ? Opinion about our relations with Israel?

I replied: “I want a normal relationship between us and Israel”!!

Most of those present were disappointed, because my position on the Camp David Accords was declared and not hidden, and was recorded in successive editions of my book: (On the Political System of the Islamic State); Similarly, my position on normalization with the Zionist enemy, in all its forms, was published in dozens of articles and recorded in a large number of television interviews.

Shortly before the date of that lecture, on the pages of the Egyptian newspapers, I had a fight with the Sheikh of Al-Azhar at the time when he got a Zionist rabbi, and he said in response to his critics: “I Spoke to them about Palestinian rights, and about the need to loosen the Zionist grip on the Palestinian people…” Or that's what these words mean. I responded to him with an article titled: “My Lord, the Sheikh of al-Azhar… I wish you had not met him or told him” (the text of which is in our book Arab and Egyptian Personalities and Situations, Dar al Is in -ma' Riffa, Beirut 2004, page 185).

This was followed by another post of Under-Secretary of Al-Azhar – at that time – when a photograph of him was published in Egyptian and Zionist newspapers in which he was holding the arm of a Zionist rabbi as they were leaving a session with a European. At a conference in the country. The newspapers asked him about this photo, and he said: “If I hold the hand of one of my colleagues there is no fault in him because he is a cleric (!) So I – in response to his situation – published an article. Title: “Seize evil” (previous source, page 194) Then an intellectual and political battle broke out on the pages of Egyptian newspapers.

welcoming hospitality

This was all in front of a large audience, packed in the main hall of the Library of Alexandria, so the faces were understandable, and the question marks on the faces were understandable!

Shortly thereafter, I said of our natural relationship with Israel: “There is an enemy with whom we have an armistice, and every armistice has an end, and there is not a treaty in this world that has not been broken.”

Don't underestimate the audience's reception and warmth towards this answer, because it exceeds all imagination.

unlawful control

Since all the colonial powers, and some Arab treachery, enabled the establishment of the Zionist entity that occupies the land of Palestine, we have only experienced the hostility resulting from the violation of Arab rights, the forceful, illegal control of Christians. and Islamic sanctities, frequent attacks on people and stones, theft of wealth and denial of rights. On their owners.

It is a hostility that has led the people of the Earth, the owners of authority, to make many attempts to confront this enemy using primitive methods, the only ones available to them. The Zionist enemy was able to eliminate this effort every time. The owners of the right have the right to reclaim it using military force that does not respect the law or follow morality. Human decency or moral values ​​do not prevent him from being an oppressive violator.

A small group that believed in Arab rights, hated Zionist tyranny, was stationed in the land of Palestine, counting on as many forces as possible, and faith in God and the certainty of the truth of His promises, to the souls of men. And women, giving them the good news of the hadith of the Messenger of God, may God's peace and blessings be upon him, which was narrated by Abu Umama al-Bahili and others: “You will continue… a group of my nation will adhere to the religion and are victorious over their enemies, and those who oppose them will not harm them except hardships (distress and distress) until the command of God comes and they (Musnad Ahmad, No. 22320). Some of his narrations said: O Messenger of God, and where are they? He said: “In Bayt al-Maqdis, and the outskirts of Bayt al-Maqdis In.”

These Murabitun – regardless of their organizational affiliation – are from this sect, standing firm in the truth, working to support it, offering their wealth and lives for it, and ultimately by God's will. Is victorious over his enemy.

It was the Almoravids who caused the surprise on October 7, 2023 AD = 22 Rabi' al-Awwal 1445 AH (Al-Aqsa flood).

This is where the massive war of liberation in Palestine began, and is the first step on the path to the end of Israel and the return of the stolen homeland to its owners. Whoever wants to be convinced of the truth of this should remember that (the Al-Aqsa flood) is the first battle in the history of the conflict with the enemy in which those who have authority begin to attack the occupiers. Are.

Yes! This is the first time that the initiative is in our hands and we have action, not reaction. I do not say that for the first time since 1948, but it is the first time since the beginning of the Zionist settlement under British auspices that we have done this.

We brought (the Al-Aqsa flood) and the Almoravids who built it from the captivity of (the object) to the freedom of (the subject). In fact, this is very good news, if you only knew.

psychological defeat

Just as the Holy Land knew the “Almoravids”, it also knew the types of deceitful “tremors”, whose words reveal the psychological defeat in their hearts and the demonic possession they live in, to such an extent that they Forget God's promise of victory. “Indeed, We will give victory to Our messengers and those who believe in the life of this world and the Day when the witnesses will stand, the day when their excuse will not avail the wrongdoers, and there will be a curse for them, and For them will be an evil destination.} (Ghafir: 51-52).

These trembling people say: What did the people of Palestine gain from this war started by the resistance fighters (al-Murabitun) against the “State of Israel”?! Thousands were killed, many injured, and a large percentage of houses – or even entire residential neighborhoods – were demolished over the heads of their inhabitants. No matter how hard we try, we will have no victory over the most powerful country in the Middle East.
-He claimed!- And it was the fifth or seventh army in the world.

These people are unaware or ignore the fact that they intend to throw stones without any regard for human rights. They are unaware or ignore that those who built Gaza the first time can build it again and again.

They are ignorant, or ignore, that death with dignity, pride and courage is a thousand times better – according to rational minded people – than life with dishonor, humiliation and submission.

They are ignorant of, or ignore, the words of God – the Blessed and the Most High – to His Prophet and the Companions of His Prophet: {And do not be weak in seeking the people. If you are suffering, because they are suffering just like you are suffering, and you hope in God for what you do not suffer. They hope, but God is All-Knowing, All-Seeing (An-Nisa: 104).

When they criticize us for the martyrdom of the Almoravids, they are ignorant of it, or ignore it – Umar (may God be pleased with him) said about the martyrdom of the dead polytheists and Muslims on the day of Uhud What did you say to Sufiyan? He said: “They are not the same. Our dead are in Heaven and your dead are in Hell.”

open soon

Only God knows when the fighting will stop, and when we will close our pens and refrain from speaking against the Almoravids and Shivers. But after one hundred and sixteen days, we see that we are much closer to the Day of Victory, the day of the end of the usurping Zionist state, than the day we started (the Al-Aqsa flood).

I do not say that it will happen tomorrow, but I say what the Lord of the worlds said: “And they say, 'When is it?' Say, 'Perhaps it will happen soon.'” (Al-Isra: 51).

God willing, the hadith will continue. And thank the God of everything.

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