International newspapers: Israel's focus on Rafah risks exacerbating humanitarian crisis in Gaza

International newspapers and news sites highlight the Israeli military's operations in the Gaza Strip and the dilemma it faces as the Palestinian resistance continues to fight. Some newspapers also wrote about the Western protest campaign against Israel's policies.

Despite Israeli army-led operations in the devastated Gaza Strip, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) continues to fight and forces Israeli forces to redeploy to areas from which they had withdrawn and Has announced the elimination of hidden Hamas teams. This is in contradiction with reality, as stated in a report by the newspaper “Le Monde”.

“Israel has been unable to reach Hamas leaders or free the hostages, and is now offering a ceasefire that could last more than a month,” the French newspaper reports.

For its part, the Wall Street Journal wrote that Israel's focus on Rafah after Khan Younis risks fighting in a crowded area and threatens to escalate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. .

The newspaper cites statements by the Israeli Defense Minister, Yoav Galant, regarding the military's future move, stating that “This reflects the magnitude of the dilemma facing the Israeli government in achieving its goal of eliminating Hamas.” it shows.”

Le Monde: Israel has been unable to reach Hamas leaders or free hostages, and here it is offering a ceasefire that could last more than a month (Al Jazeera)

As for the New York Times, it highlighted a document signed by more than 800 officials from the United States, Britain and European countries to protest Israel's policies.

According to the same newspaper, the signatories expressed, through internal channels, “their opposition to their government's policies towards the war in Gaza and their fear that their leaders' support for Israel will contribute to war crimes, but they were ignored. It has been done.”

Haaretz newspaper in its article focused on the executive order issued by US President Joe Biden regarding settler violence. The article considered this executive order “an unprecedented step that could fundamentally impact the settlement project in the West Bank and lay the foundation for the possibility of imposing sanctions on Israeli officials.

The Israeli newspaper said, “The sanctions send a strong message to Benjamin Netanyahu's government that tolerating illegal settlement expansion will damage relations with the United States.”

Biden issued an executive order aimed at punishing Jewish settlers who attack Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

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