Former Mossad chief: Israel will take 5 years to recover


Former head of the Israeli Foreign Intelligence Service (Mossad) Yossi Cohen said that it will take 5 years for Israel to recover after the war.

“Israel will have to pay a heavy price to get the hostages back,” the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation quoted Cohen as saying.

Late last December, Cohen said that the Gaza Strip had prepared itself in an unusual way, especially in the last decades of this war.

He acknowledged that the Palestinian resistance outperformed the Israeli occupation army through the tunnels in the Gaza Strip, which is considered an underground city with deep and long hiding places, with a logistical preparation that is much greater than we thought. Allows for more underground life.

Regarding northern Israel, he said that we should continue to allow a chance for a political solution and avoid opening a second front when Hezbollah is prepared and ready for war, and Cohen does not believe that Israeli forces can deal with two war zones. Ready at the same time.

On 7 October, the Palestinian resistance led by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) launched Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, which involved land, sea and air strikes and the infiltration of resistance members into several Israeli military sites and settlements in Gaza. The strip in response to Israeli attacks on holy sites and Palestinians.

During the operation and its aftermath, the resistance killed and wounded thousands of Israelis. At least 239 people were captured in the attack, of whom about 136 are still detained by the resistance in Gaza.

Israeli forces have been waging a devastating war on Gaza since last October 7, which as of Saturday has killed 27,238 and wounded 66,452, mostly children and women, according to Palestinian officials, and caused massive destruction and unprecedented humanitarian loss. . Disaster according to the United Nations.

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