Does the Ukrainian President want to remove Chief of Staff Zalogny?

Kiev- Today's discussion in Ukraine is not related to the war situation, but rather to speculation about President Volodymyr Zelensky's intention to dismiss Chief of Staff General Valery Zalogny from his post, which during the two years he made him one of the most influential people in Ukraine. The most important and prominent personalities of the country.

The idea of ​​dismissal was raised late last year, and it seems that the dispute between the President and Zalogny worsened to such an extent that several representatives and officials confirmed that the dismissal had already happened, or became an imminent inevitability. Was.

The institutions of the presidency, the army and the parliament have not commented officially, but from the repeated news and discussions about it, it seems that there is a real problem due to which supporters and opponents have clashed on the streets and on social media. A dispute has arisen. About this move, and others are discussing the reasons that have led the relationship to this point.

The institutions of the presidency, army and parliament did not release any official statements regarding the dismissal of the Chief of Staff (European).

popular interactions

Those who objected to the move to fire the Chief of Staff submitted an electronic petition on the presidency's website. It didn't take long for the number of signatures on the petition to exceed 25,000, which is the minimum needed to force Zelensky to review the petition without ignoring it.

As for supporters, they agree on the view that “Zalozhny was unable to fundamentally change the course of the war in favor of Ukraine, as his forces advanced into the Kherson province (south) in late 2022, And the counter-offensive he led did not yield any significant results in 2023.”

It is expected that the process of dismissing this senior military officer will not be easy, and may provoke popular reactions unlike any previous reactions since the beginning of the Russian war on the country.

An advertisement in Kiev's Independence Square compares the fight against the Russians to fighting demons in the film The Lord of the Rings.
An advertisement in Kiev's Independence Square compares the fight against the Russians to the fight against demons in the movie “The Lord of the Rings” (Al Jazeera).

due to disagreement

However, political and military experts point to a number of reasons that accumulated together and turned the relationship between Zelensky and the general from dispute to conflict, and these reasons can be summarized as follows:

  • Military surveillance of officers: This may have been the first controversy that surfaced publicly in early summer 2022, as the General Staff demanded that young officers of military service age seek permission from people to leave the country, and the matter prompted Zelensky to intervene and Induced to reject. request, and he later confirmed the unity of the ranks of state institutions.
  • Sharp contradiction in viewpoint: This discrepancy was first revealed in November 2022 when Zalogny published an article in the British magazine The Economist about Ukraine's inability to fundamentally change the current situation in its favor and why it should do so. There is a need.

The article greatly angered Zelensky at the time, especially since he had emphasized that the situation had not – by any means – reached an impasse, and he then for the first time openly and publicly criticized General Was criticized.

But the matter was then repeated, regarding the approaches of both on a number of issues, starting with the amount of Western support required, passing through the faltering of progress and countermeasures, and ending with the need to mobilize hundreds of thousands. Soldier.

  • West's support and faltering operations: Zelensky and Zalogny clearly disagreed on the amount of support needed to launch a retaliation against the Russian presence in 2023.

The presidential party was portraying that these operations, once launched, would burn everything green and dry wherever the Russians are present on the territory of Ukraine. As for Zalogny, he was critical of the “rainbow” drawing and stressed that Ukraine has not received everything necessary support, and that as long as the Ukrainian sky remains under its control, the Russian Will remain under control. Their control.

However, many believe that Zalogny, as Chief of Staff, is directly responsible for the failure of these operations, but others consider him to be a leader based on his professionalism, clarity, and what he has achieved on the ground. as the “best among Western partners”. ,

  • Struggle for Popularity: Zalogny's star shone with the beginning of the war, and it became even brighter with the departure of Russian troops from large areas in the north, east and south of the country. That is why many believe that he became a true rival to the President who was unparalleled in his absolute popularity at the beginning of the war.

“I think this is a major reason that the dispute has turned into a conflict, and Zalogny poses a real threat to Zelensky's political future,” Oleksiy Haryan, head of the Center for Political Analysis, told Al Jazeera Net. The matter hinted at the possibility of entering the world of politics, and the matter could affect Zelensky, especially if presidential and parliamentary elections take place as scheduled and expected next March.

Military expert and reserve forces colonel, Oleg Zhdanov, points to this from his perspective, telling Al Jazeera Net, “Zelensky talked about the need to mobilize half a million soldiers, and Zalogny Refused, dismissing the need for sizeable mobilization. Parties also propose laws for mobilization, and fail to approve any of them. It seems that gaining popularity and support is what keeps everyone busy, far from truth, reality and what we want.”

ukrainian street fear

The Ukrainian street is afraid of the consequences of this dispute and all the facts or rumors surrounding it, and it is almost unanimous that it will be negative for the country in the midst of a war.

Young Anton told Al Jazeera Net, “I am a supporter of President Zelensky, but this case is a disaster at the wrong time. The two worked together and won everyone's trust and support. I hope there will not be a rift, And these will just be mere rumours.”

The young woman, Oleksandra, says, “Dismissal would be a serious mistake for Zelensky. Zalogny's military role is important and has not ended. Zelensky is someone who has played his role well, but he can no longer offer Is.”

Valentina says, “I hope that this will not affect the direction of the war in favor of Russia. If the dispute continues between the leaders for a long time, the West will not support us. They will have to fulfill the responsibility with honor and We have to rise above personal interests for the sake of our poor people.”

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