Congress is considering giving $17 billion in military aid to Israel.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson unveiled legislation to provide $17.6 billion in new military aid to Israel as part of the war on Hamas, and it is expected to be approved within days.

Johnson said in a message to members that the full House could vote this week on a funding bill put forward by the House Appropriations Committee, saying in his message that “the need to support our closest allies and forces in the region is greater than ever.” More important.” ,” He said.

According to the House Appropriations Committee, $17.6 billion of the funds will be used to modernize Israel's missile defense systems, purchase additional advanced weapons systems, and help produce artillery and other weapons.

Some of the funds will also be used to refurbish US weapons provided to Israel following the Al-Aqsa flooding operation launched by the Palestinian resistance led by the Qassam Brigades against Israel on October 7.

previous aid package

The House of Representatives—controlled by Republicans—had earlier agreed to provide $14.3 billion in new military aid to Israel, but on the condition that it be paid for by cutting a large portion of the money already allocated to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. it was done.

The Senate, controlled by Democrats, rejected the condition, and is expected to unveil a legislative package that would help Israel, in addition to providing more military aid to Ukraine in its war against Russia.

According to Reuters, it is expected that the package will also include proposals to increase security along the United States' southern border with Mexico.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is moving to begin discussion on the multifaceted bill this week, with the first procedural vote as early as Wednesday.

If the US Congress, represented by the House of Representatives and the Senate, approves the draft legislation, it will be sent to President Joe Biden for his signature to take effect.

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