Ancient Levant tickles the imagination of producers of Syrian Ramadan drama 2024

Popular stories, stories and social stories whose events take place in a human, historical and mystical manner were seen in the Syrian series to be shown in the next Ramadan, regaining momentum and diversity this year at the level of themes and participating artists. It is happening.

social drama

  • Close your eyes and you'll see me in series

The work, which stars Mona Wassef, Amal Arafa and Abdel Moneim Amairi, discusses many of the family problems affecting Arab society through the story of a sick child whose mother tries to provide him with a normal and stable life. Tries to secure. , and the resulting family consequences.

The series is written by Loay Al-Nouri, with a screenplay by Mohammed Al-Manafi, and directed by Mamoun Al-Mulla, after a 4-year absence since presenting the first part of his series “Silk Market”. Have returned to the drama. ,

  • badia boys series

Director Rasha Sharbatji continues filming the series “Weld Badiya”. The events revolve around a family of 4 siblings, whose characters include Sulafa Mimar, Mahmoud Nasr, Samir Ismail and Yaman Al-Halji, and the mother is played by Ibadan Rizk, where the characters are torn between love and crime. Struggle in a dramatic environment.

Last December, the Syrian director announced the start of filming of the series through his Facebook account and wrote, “I am optimistic about the work and script of Ali Wajih, Al-Hajli and the distinguished actors and technicians participating in the team. Am.” Confirmed that they are striving to produce series and create Syrian drama with image and story suitable for the audience.

Mystery, Excitement and Romance

Sharbatzi is taking part in another work within the Ramadan drama, “The Clown”, which she announced the filming of in September last year. Its events take place in a detective and mystery format through a complicated murder, and the nature of the relationship between the two is highlighted during the investigation. The characters are revealed to have access to the killer.

The series belongs to the category of short works, and its programs consist of 10 episodes, written by Bassam Junaid and produced by Bassem Yakhour, Amal Bouchoucha, Khaled Al-Qish, Nidal Najm, Dima Al-Jundi, Ghazwan Al-Safadi, Ibrahim Starring. Sheikh Ibrahim, Bilal Qatan, and Rama Zein al-Abidin.

  • The point series is over

In Beirut, “The End Point” was filmed, which brings together the actors Abed Fahd, Anas Tayara, Zeina Makki, Adel Karam and Nada Abu Farhat. The series is written by Fadi Hussein and directed by Mohamed Abdel Aziz, and takes place in a mystical detective format.

  • al arabji series 2

After the success of the first part shown in the last Ramadan, the protagonists of the series “Al-Arabji” will return in the second part of the upcoming Ramadan marathon. The events continue with the struggles and surprises faced by Abdo Al-Arbaji, the main character played by artist Bassem Yakhour, who works transporting goods to support his family. The series is directed by Seif El-Din Subaie, and co-starring Salloum Haddad, Nadine Khouri and Dima Kandalft.

The Syrian series has ended
Syrian series “Point It Ends” (social networking sites)
  • transit chain

Although this series, shown during the Ramadan drama season, deals with romantic works, it also contains some mysteries and crime scenes. The series is directed by Bassem Salka and stars Nadine Tahsin Bey, Haval Hamdi, Jihad Saad and Noura Rahal.

The events of “A Look of Love” take place in a social and romantic context, co-starring Basil Khayyat and Lebanese Carmen Bassibes, and the series is directed by Hossam Ali.

  • serenada series

In the same mold, “Serenada” is directed by Wadah Shaheen and written by Suleiman Al-Jaafi. Over the course of different episodes, the series presents several love stories, starring Nadine Khouri, Salloum Haddad, Shukran Mortaji and Girgis Jabara.

  • anzac or evening series

Also shown within the Ramadan series are the “Ezzak or Sham” series, which are separate, connected episodes that showcase the Levantine environment through the Al-Anbar neighborhood and its inhabitants. It is directed by Rashad Kokash and starring Faiz Kazak, Saad Minna, Wafa. Mosley, Jenny Asbar, Amana Wali, and Saba Barakat. Sahar Fawzi, Abeer Shams al-Din, Hossam Tahsin Bey, Muhammad Hadaki, Muhammad Khawandi, and André Skaff.

back in time

Some Syrian drama works date back to the past, including the series “Taj”, whose producers are keeping secret the details of the events that took place in the 1950s. Director Samir Al-Barkawi succeeded in bringing together the duo of Tim Hassan and Bassam Koussa after 14 years, where together they presented the series “Time of Shame”, which achieved great success, and Nora Rahal and singer Faya Younan. Participated in “Taj”. series.

  • My Family House series

The events of the series “My Family's House” take place in the forties of the last century and the period of the French mandate over Syria. The work addresses many issues through mystical, romantic lines and some comedy. Director Tamer Ishaq depicts the ancient Levantine atmosphere, starring Ayman Zidan and Abdel Fattah el-Mouzain. Safa Sultan and Madiha Kanifati.


  • love each other series

The comedy will be part of a Syrian series next Ramadan. Through comedy panels, the events of the social comedy series “Love Each Other” take place, which criticizes the current Syrian reality in a satirical way. It was written by Ghaitha Abbas and directed by Muhammad Al-Agha and Salim Shamia, and co-starred André Scaff and Toole. Haroun, Bassam Dakkak, Raja Yusuf, Ali Karim and Jamal Al-Ali.

  • evil tribulation series

Also included in the comedy series is “Shaar Al-Baliya”, directed by Wael Abu Shaar, and starring Bassem Yakhour, Rana Shamis, Nadine Tahsin Bey, Nazli Al-Rawas, André Skaff and Muhammad Khair Al-Jarrah. Have done.

postponed series

  • Mal al-Kabban series

This season's series will include works that were postponed from last year, including “Maal Al-Qabban”, whose director Saif Al-Subai announced – via his Instagram account – that the works were postponed from last year. Sal Ramzan was dropping the drama, and the production company decided to show it in this season.

The series “Maal al-Kabban”, co-written by Ali Wajih and Yamen al-Hijli, and starring Bassam Koussa and Sulaif Fawakherji, takes place in a social context that reflects the contemporary Syrian reality and the crises and problems. Imitates. Which the Syrian people face in their daily routine through a set of stories.

  • Bone-breaking series “Crypts”

The second part of the Breaking Bones show is “The Basements”, one of the acts that came out from last year's show. The new part is directed by Kenan Iskanderani after Rasha Sharbatzi's apology, with Hilal Al-Ahmad and Randa Hadid taking over. on writing, and starring Abdel Moneim Amairi and Salloum. Haddad, Andre Scaff, Sawan Mikhail, Fawzi Bishara, and Sabah Al-Salem.

Behind the scenes of the Syrian series Cat Friends Facebook account Drama Plus eStpsonroad
Behind the scenes of the series “Cat Friends” (social networking sites)

The postponed series also included the series “Canon”, whose creator Jamil Ghaith cited the time taken to film the police chase as the reason for the postponement. It is directed by Iyad Al-Nahs and written by Alaa Al-Muhanna, and co-stars Bassam Koussa, Salma Al-Masri, Lina Hourana and Maher Khaddou, the creator of the series and about the crimes of counterfeit currency and drug trafficking. Present stories.

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