Al-Nashma fans: Is what the Jordan team is doing in the Asian Cup real?

February 2 was no ordinary day for Jordan fans in Doha. The Jordan national team wrote a new history for Jordanian football, with an extraordinary achievement and reached the semi-finals of the Asian Cup for the first time in its history. After defeating Tajikistan, Jordan's fans took to the streets of Doha, their chants echoing in Souq Waqif, Lusail City, the Cultural District (Katara), and Doha Metro stations and tunnels.

According to those whom Al Jazeera Net spoke to, the resonance of victory among Jordanian fans in this match was not normal, because what happened did not correspond to the best expectations since the beginning of the tournament, which was 6 friendlies. It happened before the defeat. Al-Nashma, which raised many question marks over the performance of the Jordanian team in the continental championship.

Al-Nashma fans: Is what Jordan Team Asia is doing in Qatar real?
Al-Nashma fans: Is what Jordan Team Asia is doing in Qatar real? (al Jazeera)

from pessimism to optimism

Before the match began, Jordan fan Hatem Sabil said in front of the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, “For the Jordan national team to come into this role, and with this performance, is a kind of fantasy, because we are pessimistic people by nature. , and this pessimism comes after the poor results achieved by the national team since Morocco's Hussein Amouta took over.” Team training.

“Since Amouta's appointment, the team has suffered a lot in terms of results,” he said in his speech on Al Jazeera Net, adding that in the 8 matches he supervised Al-Nashama's training before the start of the Asian Cup. ” Cup, he lost 6 of them, and the results were heavy, but in this tournament we presented a “terrible” level. “It made us optimistic that we can reach the final.”

As for Jordan's Samir Harsaneh, he revealed that in the event of Jordan's victory over Tajikistan he promised his friends that he would provide 100 meals of the famous “Jordanian Mansaf” on the streets of Qatar. When asked why this promise is such a huge cost? He replied, “Because I am frankly pessimistic. We have reached this role more than once and were eliminated from the China edition in 2004 and the Qatar edition in 2011 after Jordan performed brilliantly at that time.”

Samir says he attended the Jordan national team's matches at the 2011 Qatar Asian Cup, and now he feels like the event is happening again, but he is still missing out, despite being eliminated like in 2011 and qualifying for the semi-finals. Don't wish to be. Difficulty of the task.

We asked Samir: What has changed for you since the 2011 Qatar Championships and the 2024 Championships? He replied that everything has changed and become more beautiful. The roads, facilities, hotels and airport in Qatar everything has become more amazing.. Qatar is a beautiful country and a unique organizer of tournaments, and if we qualify for the finals, it means that Qatar Jordan For is the face of goodness as it was in 2011.

dream maker amouta

The Jordanian team advanced to the semi-finals by defeating the Tajik team 1–0 in front of more than 35,000 spectators for the first time in their history, after Tajikistan defender Vahdat Hanunov accidentally scored the only goal of the match. Team in the 66th minute.

With the sound of the final whistle of the match, the voices of Jordan fans reached around the “Ahmad Bin Ali” World Cup Stadium, and the field literally shook under all those present, and tears were not absent from the eyes of many people. . The fans we met after the match.

Jordan fan Fares Al-Nawsareh controlled himself while talking to us, and he began to analyze what he saw on the “battlefield”, as he described it, showing that Jordan is one of the best in the Asian continent today. One of the coaches is (Hussein Amouta). He managed the match intelligently, his substitutions were perfect, and his attacking tactics were perfect. The defense has been drawn by a Moroccan artist.

Fares said, “The players on our team were men and they did not let us down. The presence of the Crown Prince of Jordan, Hussein bin Abdullah II, and his wife, Princess Rajawa Al Saif, was supportive and motivating for our people. We are now in the semi-finals. It's a tough competition with South Korea, but the star players are capable of winning it.” Superb performance.”

Jordan's Salah was crying and told Al Jazeera Net, “Was it true what happened? We answered him, 'Yes, congratulations on your qualification.' He then responded with another question.. Has the world seen the glory and bravery of Jordan's players? Salah further said, 'Today we wrote a new history, and we proved to Asia and the world that we It is a difficult number. And God willing, the times to come will be even more beautiful.

Muhammad, a Jordan fan, also couldn't believe that his Jordan team had qualified for the semi-finals, and he started hugging his friends and telling them, “We qualified… can you believe it ?.. I still can't believe it.” it.”

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