Who are the four Israelis on whom the United States has imposed financial sanctions?

Yesterday, Thursday, The New York Times published information about four Israelis on whom the United States imposed financial sanctions by freezing their American assets. They are accused of escalating violence against civilians, intimidating them or destroying property in the West Bank.

The US newspaper cited the State Department statement, which said, “The United States has consistently opposed measures that undermine stability in the West Bank and the prospects for peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians.”

He noted that all four are Israeli men and range in age from 21 to 32. they are:

David Chai Chasdai
David Chasde (Social Networking Sites)

David Chasde, 29 years old: The US State Department said he started and led riots in the Palestinian city of Huwwara, which led to the death of a Palestinian civilian. The newspaper described a situation of violence in Hawara and neighboring villages on February 26, 2023, which began after two residents were shot dead. Settlers burned and vandalized homes, businesses and vehicles, and one Palestinian was killed.

According to Israeli media, Defense Minister Yoav Galant initially signed an administrative detention warrant for Chasdai through March 2023. A few days later, the Israeli court later decided to reduce his detention period to one month.

It is noteworthy that Chasdai was arrested in 2013 for attacking a taxi driver and the Jerusalem District Court did not extend his detention at the request of the police department responsible for investigating nationally motivated crimes due to lack of evidence. Had decided.

Yinon Levi, 31 years old: According to the US State Department statement, Levy led a group of settlers who “participated in actions that created a climate of fear in the West Bank.” He also joined other settlers in repeatedly attacking Palestinian communities in the West Bank. He is from Mitrim Farm, an illegal settlement in the south of the West Bank.

The statement said Levy “regularly led groups of settlers from the Mitrim Farm checkpoint who attacked Palestinian civilians and Bedouins, threatening them with more violence if they did not leave their homes, their farms. Burned and destroyed their property.”

Aayan Tenzil, 21 years oldThe US State Department described them as “involved in attacking Palestinian farmers and Israeli workers by throwing stones and batons at them, causing injuries that required medical treatment.”

In 2021, he was accused of attacking Israeli activist Nita Ben Porat, a technology sector worker and mother of three, with a club.

Shalom Zicherman, 32 years old: The US State Department, citing video evidence, said Zuckerman attacked Israeli activists and their vehicles in the West Bank. He said they surrounded and injured at least two workers.

They also threw stones at a car of left-wing activists outside the Palestinian territory of Masafar Yatta, injuring one of them and breaking the car window, according to a video clip filmed by an activist.

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