They are not numbers.. The story of two sisters in Gaza who were brought together by medicine and whose end was written by occupation missiles

Gaza- Two sister doctors, Shaima and Samah Naeem, put in a lot of efforts in their quest for success, and during their short lives, they were able to achieve a significant part of their dreams, including memorizing the Holy Quran. Graduating from the Faculty of Dentistry, practicing this profession, acquiring many “clients”, starting a family and mastering languages. Foreigner.

But Israeli occupation forces prevented him from achieving the rest of his ambitions, which included continuing to manage one of the most important dental centers in the Gaza Strip, traveling, and completing his higher education.

On January 6, 2024, an Israeli aircraft bombed the house in which the “Naim” family had been displaced in the city of Deir al-Balah in the center of the Gaza Strip, killing 7 of its members, including two sisters. Samah and her child Lara and Shaima and her child Tayseer and their sister Batoul (17 years old). His grandmother is “Rasmeya” (87 years old).

The two doctors, Samah and Shaima, are the daughters of Dr. Jamal Naim, dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Palestine and one of Gaza's most prominent doctors in the region.

Martyr Dr. Samah with his child Lara, who was martyred with him (Al Jazeera)

tolerant and likes to travel

Samah was born in Germany in 1994 and studied dentistry at the University of Palestine in Gaza. After his graduation, he worked with his father in his specialized center, considered one of the most prominent dental and cosmetic clinics in Gaza, and gained great experience.

Samah married young man Hussein Aliwa, and at first she suffered from fertility problems, until God blessed her in 2023 with her child, Lara, who was martyred with her. Samah loved to travel and liked the idea of ​​traveling around the world, especially since she was fluent in English and German.

Her father, Dr Jamal Naeem, told Al Jazeera Net, “Sama was not only my daughter. She was my friend and my secret keeper. She was close to me since the beginning of her studies in dentistry in 2012 (where she Serves as) Dean of the College) until the outbreak of war in October 2023.”

It is mentioned that she always donated her money to the poor and needy, and that she would often enter her office to defray the cost of someone's treatment, even if she did not know her beforehand, because she He felt poor and could not pay the treatment expenses.

Jamal says he had high hopes for his two martyrs, Samah and Shaima, to carry the burden of the center in the years to come. He said of Samah, “I saw in her myself and my imagination fulfilled day by day. My beautiful rose grew and blossomed, and its fragrance began to spread all around, but the cowardly usurer destroyed her with all his might. “Violence dug a deep wound in my heart that will never heal.”

Dr. Shaima, with her son, Shaheed Taseer.  Source: His father, Dr. Jamal Naeem
Martyr Doctor Shaima, with her son Martyr Tayseer (Al Jazeera)

Shaima is a doctor and artist

As for Shaimaa, who is two years younger than her sister Samah, she shares many qualities and goals, as she graduated first in her class with a 94.6% grade from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Palestine .

Apart from her excellence in dentistry, Shaima loved the art of drawing, and she would resort to it whenever she wanted to reduce the psychological pressure and burden of life on herself.

Her father, Jamal Naeem, says that she was known for her intelligence from a young age, so much so that her nursery teacher in Germany gave her an exemption to enter school a year earlier than her peers. Had asked for.

Shaimaa returned to Palestine when she was 8 years old. She was fond of reading and drawing and memorized the Holy Quran at an early age. After graduating from university, she worked with her father in his private practice, and became his right-hand man in orthodontic expertise in addition to her dedicated work in general dentistry.

The deceased was also interested in many other specializations, and to do so, he enrolled in training courses in marketing, programming, French, Hebrew and other sciences, according to his father. Shaima was known to be a very organized person since childhood. She used to make plans to manage her professional and family life.

In this context, her father says that after her martyrdom, he saw her program recorded on her mobile phone, and he was amazed by the system and discipline she followed in all areas of her life, from the daily Quranic prayers. , had set for themselves. Daily educational sessions with my son, reading books, drawing and art.”

She emphasized that all this did not distract her from her work as a doctor or from her duties as a wife at home and with her husband. Before the war, Shaima had arranged all the affairs of her life to travel to Turkey to begin graduate studies in dentistry, but the Israeli invasion of Gaza dashed all these plans.

Dr. Samah, with his father, Dr. Gamal Naeem.  Source: His father, Dr. Gamal Naeem
Martyr Dr. Samah with his father, Dr. Jamal Naeem (Al Jazeera)

appointment with certificate

Following the beginning of the Israeli war and the forced displacement of most residents of the northern Gaza Strip to the south of the Gaza Valley, Dr. Jamal invited his married daughters, including Samah and Shaima, to live in his home. Nusirat area in the central Gaza Strip.

On December 22, 2023, his family was displaced to the city of Deir al-Balah to live in his uncle's house after the occupation forces launched a ground offensive near the area where his home was located.

On the evening of January 6, 2024, the family was surprised by a treacherous Israeli bombardment of their home, resulting in the deaths of 7 people, including two doctors, Samah and Shaima, and their two children, Lara and Tasir.

Dr. Jamal recalls the details of this tragic day, “I woke up to the sound of stones falling on our heads, and when I was able to pull myself and my young daughter Maryam out from under the debris, So my mind started spinning. I exploded with fear of what I saw and what I was not expecting.”

He added, “I started looking for survivors among the debris, barefoot, with bloodied heads and toes and a broken shoulder, but the scene was more difficult than anyone could have imagined.”

Later, Dr. Naeem learned that his three daughters Samah, his daughters Lara and Shaima, his sons Tayseer and Batoul, his mother Rasmiya “Umm Auni” and her granddaughter “Lee” were martyred.

He recalls the hours before the massacre and says, “We laughed a lot that evening. We heard the seven o'clock news and everyone went to sleep about nine o'clock. Some of us did not wake up from sleep and some of us Waking up from a nightmare we never dreamed of, that we would be directly targeted by the occupation.”

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