“The world is a war without any laws.” What is happening in Jerusalem?

Capture of Jerusalem- The Palestinian Rukn family in the occupied city of Jerusalem has been facing increasing targeting by the Israeli occupation for months, similar to hundreds of Jerusalem families whose suffering doubled in light of measures targeting the city's Palestinians from October 7, 2023 Is.

Al Jazeera Net takes its followers to a house in Jerusalem, and from there broadcasts a small model of what is happening against the people of Jerusalem, along with the world's preoccupation with the aggression against the Gaza Strip .

On Friday, the family was on the brink of a series of raids on their home and the arrest of three of its members: father Abdel Nasser and his two sons, a day after the release of the fourth from prison.

The young man, Muhammad Rukn (30 years old), tells of the suffering of his family, which consists of nine members. “They were either arrested or injured as a result of beatings and ill-treatment, or their homes were raided and ransacked multiple times.”

Rukn says there was a brutal attack on the house with police dogs, in which all the belongings were destroyed and money, gold and electronic devices were confiscated.

She said her elderly and ill mother was not protected from abuse and women were not given the opportunity to wear the hijab.

Muhammad Abu Rukn explains that the capture denied his family the chance to celebrate during the week the release of his son, Abdul Rahman Montef, after spending 4 months in prison.

He said that despite the persecution the family faces, he has no choice but to stand firm and remain steadfast in Jerusalem.

Since the beginning of the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, the city of Jerusalem has been under the influence of Israeli measures, including raids on the homes of Jerusalemites and confiscation of money and property.

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