Look… migrants are coming from Mexico to Texas

The influx of migrants from Mexico to the US state of Texas continued, as Turkish Anadolu news agency cameras monitored many of them crossing easily into the El Paso area of ​​Texas, unlike the rest of the region.

The accompanying footage shows migrants crossing the shallow waters of the Rio Grande River, then easily crossing barbed wire into an area where the Texas National Guard is not deployed, before being ambushed by US Border Patrol forces. Is.

According to visuals, the border forces of the federal government did not create any difficulties for the irregular migrants and gathered them in a safe area in preparation for shifting them to shelter centres.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott accused President Joe Biden's administration of not taking adequate measures regarding border security, and ordered the construction of about 4 kilometers of barbed wire in the border area of ​​Eagle Pass to prevent crossing by immigrants. Favorite city. United States of america.

In turn, the Biden administration confirmed that border security falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government, and submitted a request to the US Supreme Court to remove the barbed wire.

The dispute with the Biden government worsened after the Supreme Court ruled to remove barbed wire on the Rio Grande River separating the United States from Mexico, and Texas Governor Abbott announced he would not comply with the decision.

Despite the court order, the Texas National Guard did not allow the US Border Patrol to do their job and continued to erect barbed wire on January 23, and the governors of 25 Republican states announced their support for Texas in a joint statement .

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