Jordanian army announces return of 4 Israelis who accidentally crossed the border


Today, Friday, Jordanian official television quoted a military source as saying that border guards yesterday briefly arrested four Israelis after accidentally crossing the border fence.

The Jordanian military source said the investigation showed that the infiltrators accidentally crossed the border strip from west to east, and there were no soldiers between them, and that, as he said, they were forced to return through official roads. was given.

On the other hand, the Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that the ministry received a report last night about 4 Israeli youths who accidentally crossed the border in the Wadi Rum area during a jeep trip, and that local Jordanian authorities detained them. Arrested for questioning. ,

The Israeli spokesperson said that upon receiving the report, the Israeli Consulate in the state and the Foreign Ministry worked with relevant authorities for their prompt return, “and after a few hours, they all returned safely to Israel.”

Last August, the Jordanian army announced the arrest of an Israeli after attempting to infiltrate the kingdom's territory, without mentioning the measures taken against him.

Jordan and Israel are bound by a peace agreement in 1994, and have 3 border crossings between them: Sheikh Hussein, King Hussein Bridge and Wadi Arba.

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