iOS 18 could be the biggest update for the iPhone

Experts expect Apple to release the largest update to the iOS system in the company's history, and it may include new features supported by artificial intelligence for the iPhone.

According to Bloomberg, the company is expected to announce the iOS 18 update at the Worldwide Developers Conference next June, which will integrate large language models (LLMS) and generative artificial intelligence into iWork applications.

According to the Daily Mail, some of the expected software updates come in the form of revamped versions of Siri and the Messages app, which are said to be powered by advanced artificial intelligence.

Apple may release a beta version of the iOS 18 update in July 2024, with a public release scheduled for September 2024.

Apple has not yet officially confirmed what will be included in iOS 18, but Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported that the upcoming operating system is “ambitious and exciting.”

Gorman hopes that iOS 18 will allow users to create “automated playlists” that use artificial intelligence to create recommended song lists.

“I'm told that within the company the new operating system is viewed as one of the biggest, if not the biggest, iOS update in company history, and with this knowledge Apple's developer conference in June should be very exciting ,” Gorman wrote.

The redesigned operating system could be Apple's response to declining sales of the iPhone 15, which saw a 4% decline.

Starting with generic artificial intelligence, Apple's “At Launch” tools will come almost two years after GPT chat spread around the world, almost a year after Amazon announced a revamped Alexa, and first launched by Microsoft and Google. About a year and a half after leaving. New services.

Gorman explained: “The long story short is that Apple is far behind in the field of artificial intelligence, and this represents a huge risk for a company that bills itself as the biggest innovator in consumer technology.”

There is speculation that Apple is working on an artificial intelligence bot, Apple GPT, also known as Ajax, people familiar with the matter told Gorman.

Source , bloomberg , daily Mail , websites

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