“House killing” is a crime of the occupation after killing humans and animals in Gaza

captured jerusalemAn investigation by Haaretz newspaper revealed that Israeli forces deliberately set fire to hundreds of homes in the Gaza Strip, under orders issued by field military commanders, without obtaining approval and legal advice, which is a violation of international conventions.

The revelation of these violations and irregularities comes at a time when the International Court of Justice in The Hague issued a judgment calling on Israel to stop committing acts and crimes of genocide, refrain from targeting Palestinian civilians and work to bring the most Forced to take measures and procedures for The number of relief trucks and the improvement of the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

A military force commander in the Gaza Strip mentioned the burning of houses. According to him, the buildings about which intelligence was collected have been burnt down, he said, “Maybe there is information about the owner of the house, or they found something there, and I got the house fire.” The exact reason for its imposition is not known.” ,

Mass destruction in Gaza complicates prospects for resuming the educational process - Raed Musa - Rafah - Al Jazeera Net
The massive destruction in Gaza has opened the door for Israel to be held internationally accountable in the wake of the phenomenon known as domestic killings (Al Jazeera).

“Murder of houses”

According to what the newspaper quoted three field officers in Gaza as saying, setting fire to buildings has become a common method in military action, and one officer issued instructions to troops after completing military activity in a war zone, “Your Evacuate.” Take out the stuff from the house and prepare it for fire.” Another commander explained, while “the houses where we were hiding, we would set them on fire as soon as they were evacuated and move on.”

According to Yaniv Kibbutz, military correspondent for Haaretz newspaper, Yaniv Kibbutz set fire to houses and residential buildings, “damaging them in such a way that their owners are not allowed to return to live in them.” During the attack, the army destroyed the homes of Hamas activists and Gaza residents who took part in the surprise attack on 7 October.

The military correspondent reported that as of last December, the Israeli military had used engineering forces to blow up “suspicious” buildings using mines and explosives. In many cases, buildings were destroyed using engineering equipment, it said, adding that “setting fire to the homes of civilians who are not participating in the fighting solely for the purpose of punishment is prohibited according to the rules of international law. “

The same correspondent says that due to the widespread destruction caused by the Israeli military to civilian facilities in the Gaza Strip “there is a growing concern in international academic circles about the possibility of blaming Israel for destroying the living environment of Gaza's residents. There was discussion, or what is known as murder of houses.”

According to the kibbutz, Israel fears that “talking about killing homes and applying it as a collective punishment of the civilian population will prompt the international community to take action against Israel.”

He pointed out that the Israeli military realizes that setting fires with the aim of demolishing homes could land the Israeli system in serious challenges and problems with the US as well as the International Court of Justice in The Hague, which has already issued a temporary injunction. . Order against Israel.

violations and violations

The same proposal was adopted by international law expert Dr. Youssef Jabrin, who believes that these violations against the civilian population in the Gaza Strip expose Israel to judicial challenges, especially after the release of the Hague Court's decision confirming That Israel has a legal duty to avoid it. Harming civilians has become governed by a special decision. A general commitment to the International Court of Justice, not just international conventions.

In an interview with Al Jazeera Net, Jabarin attached great importance to documenting all violations of the Israeli military against civilians in the Gaza Strip in order to continue the processes of prosecuting Israel in international forums, pointing out that Israel is a comprehensive Is obliged to submit the report. The International Court of Justice adopted procedures consistent with the Court's decisions in all cases regarding the protection of Palestinian civilians after approximately 3 weeks.

The same spokesperson pointed out that the burning of Palestinian homes during military operations in the Gaza Strip is in addition to war crimes committed by Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians, which begins with raids, bombings and forced displacement as a result of military operations. , which destroyed homes and various infrastructure projects, which are considered basic components for life.

Israeli author Amir Ben David believes that the information he provided regarding Israeli military forces setting fire to the homes of hundreds of Gazans in the Gaza Strip shows that the military is using what is known as “scorched earth”. Wally is adopting a military strategy, a measure that is considered a measure. Violation of international conventions.

Ben David explained in an article published on the website “Zaman Yisrael” that Article 54 of the First Protocol to the Geneva Conventions prohibits military forces from attacking, destroying, removing or converting utility facilities essential to the survival of the civilian population.

It is likely that “scorched earth” procedures and tactics will expose the Israeli government to further international diplomatic and legal challenges than those that emerged when Israeli forces began setting fire to homes in the Gaza Strip. Commander of the field and military forces, and without obtaining the necessary legal approval.

Accordingly, the Israeli author does not rule out that the army's practices of burning houses in Gaza will be at the top of the global agenda, especially in view of the International Court of Justice's ruling against Israel.

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The idea of ​​setting fire to houses has turned into a common occurrence in the Gaza Strip (Al Jazeera)

burning incident

Yoav Zeitoun, military correspondent for the Ynet website affiliated with the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, reviewed how the idea of ​​setting fire to houses in the Gaza Strip developed, starting as an initiative of some soldiers at the beginning of the ground incursion, as it was described by the Israeli military. It was refused publication several times by censorship.

What apparently began as a reformation of troops in the field in the Shujaiya neighborhood spread to other areas and became a phenomenon. The military correspondent says, “The reason for this is the shortage of explosives and the presence of an unusual number of houses inside which the enemy is hiding. Some senior commanders ordered the soldiers to stop burning houses, but they did not follow it.” This order.”

In light of this situation on the ground, the Israeli army burned the houses of people it described as “terrorists” in the Gaza Strip, noting that during the past two months, and according to various testimonies, Israeli army soldiers Hundreds of houses were set on fire. House in the Strip during the war with Hamas.

Regarding the motives and justification of the soldiers in the field for setting fire to the houses of Gazans, Zaytoun says, “The soldiers saw with their own eyes the presence of armed people or weapons inside the houses, which were to be destroyed in the light of operations. were needed, but they did not have enough mines or explosive devices to detonate them, so the soldiers resorted to opening fire.”

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