Gaza Red Crescent: Fate of girl Hind and her rescue team unknown for 95 hours

The Palestine Red Crescent Society announced on Friday that it still does not know the whereabouts of the child Hind (6 years old) and the team that went to rescue him in Gaza City, although more than 95 hours have passed since the incident. ,

The association said in a statement published on the “X” platform: “More than 95 hours have passed and the fate of the Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance team, Youssef Zaino and Ahmed al-Madhoun, who set out to rescue a 6-year-old child -Old girl Hind, still unknown.

The Red Crescent Society appealed to the international community to “immediately intervene to put pressure on the occupation authorities to disclose the fate of Child Hind and the rescue team.”

He stressed that “International humanitarian law provides for the protection of civilians and workers in the fields of health care and humanitarian operations.”

On Monday, an ambulance team from the Red Crescent came out to rescue two girls, Liane (15 years old) and Hind (6 years old), when they were surrounded by Israeli army tanks and soldiers inside a vehicle. As per the previous statement issued by the association, be present along with your family members.

On Tuesday, several employees of the association said, in a video clip posted on the “X” platform, that the location of the accident was in Gaza City, near the “Fares” gas station (west of the city).

The Red Crescent also announced the martyrdom of baby Layan on Tuesday, after she was “talking on the phone with Red Crescent crews, calling for help, while trapped inside a vehicle surrounded by Hindi occupation tanks and soldiers.” Was.”

Two days earlier, the mother of the child, Hind, explained the circumstances of the accident which resulted in the death of her relative, baby Lian, and the disappearance of her daughter. The mother told Al Jazeera that she had allowed her daughter to go with her uncle's family, consisting of six members, in the car out of fear of a bomb. She said she was in constant touch with both the girls to reassure herself. Before he received the news of the martyrdom of Lian and family members.

In a related context, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, this Friday evening, published scenes of the farewell moments of volunteers to the body of its colleague Hadiya Hamad, who was martyred by an Israeli occupation force sniper as she walked to the Society's headquarters. Was in. Khan Younis.

During the past few days, the Israeli army carried out a significant re-infiltration of several areas of the Gaza Governorate, with the implementation of military operations and intense air and artillery bombardment, and requested the evacuation of residents from several residential neighborhoods.

Since October 7, 2023, Israeli forces have been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip that, according to Palestinian officials, has led to “27,131 martyrs and 66,287 wounded” as of Thursday, and “massive destruction and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.” According to the United Nations.

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