Do the Labor and Conservative parties in Britain regret abandoning Muslims?

There are increasing signs that the main parties in Britain's support for Israel and their unwillingness to confront the phenomenon of Islamophobia may cost them Muslim votes, which could affect their prospects in the upcoming elections. Could.

This is stated in an article published by the Middle East Eye news website about the independent journalist Peter O'Byrne, who said that the British government led by Rishi Sunak, who belongs to the Conservative Party, announced in a statement, in strongly worded terms, that its Prime Minister Full support for Israel under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu. This happened after more than 100 days of war in Gaza.

The opposition Labor Party was also no exception to this rule. Its leader, Keir Starmer, expressed his unconditional support for Israel in a speech given at a meeting of the Jewish Labor Movement held in north London a few days earlier.

Starmer chose this moment to speak publicly for the first time about Labor's decision to drop its support for a Palestinian state, an awkward time, given his refusal to accept Netanyahu's two-state solution, O'Byrne said. , which describes the message from the leaders of Britain's two main parties as “powerful”.

However, there are voices from political leaders in Britain attacking both sides' stance on the Gaza war. Former Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn criticized his country's position rejecting calls for a ceasefire in Gaza. The ruling Conservative Party and the main opposition Labor Party were singled out for attack.

The British author says that neither party was troubled by the atrocities and crimes committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip, or by the language inciting genocide used in their statements by Israeli leaders, including President Isaac Herzog.

In a late October survey of 30,000 Muslim participants by Muslim Census, a British organization, only 5% of participants said they would vote for the Labor Party in the next general election. This is significantly less than the 71% of British Muslims who voted for the party in 2019.

The Conservative Party, which got 9% Muslim votes in 2019, will get less than 1% of the votes of those surveyed.

In his article, O'Byrne believes that it is impossible for Palestinians to trust that Britain – with either of these two leaders in power – will play any role in building peace if the conflict ends.

According to the author, the reconciliation of the two main parties' stances on Gaza is “the latest and most serious example” of their “undeclared” consensus, which at best leads to ignoring Muslims and at worst to target and marginalize them. based on.

Auburn: The two major parties' harmonious stance on Gaza is the “latest and most serious example” of their “undeclared” consensus, which is based on ignoring Muslims at best and targeting and marginalizing them at worst. .

As the Conservative and Labor parties turn their backs on Muslims and lean to the right, we may see the rise of a new Islamic political consciousness in Britain, according to the author, who believes there are also signs that the left is also beginning to to mobilize against Starmer, and therefore must coordinate with the Islamic community.

However, the author urges British Muslims to put aside their differences and close their factions, because if they want their voices to be heard nationally, they need to find a way to cooperate, as They said.

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