Amid Iraqi-Iranian condemnation, Biden announces the beginning of “American response” in the Middle East

US President Joe Biden announced that his country's forces, in accordance with his instructions, attacked facilities in Iraq and Syria on Friday in response to the targeting of US targets in the region, while Baghdad described the attacks as a violation of sovereignty. Condemned it and warned of its consequences. Regional stability, which was also expressed by Iranian sources.

Biden said the targeted facilities were being used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its affiliated militias to attack US forces, following the attack in Jordan “Our response that began today is at the time and places we have chosen. Will continue”. last Sunday, resulting in the killing of 3 American soldiers.

The US president – ​​who attended a ceremony Friday to receive the bodies of three soldiers – stressed that his country “does not want conflict in the Middle East or anywhere in the world,” but added, “Let everyone “Anyone who might want to harm us knows we will respond.”

US forces in the Middle East are facing increasing attacks with missiles and drones against the backdrop of Israel's support in the war on Gaza.

The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) has counted more than 150 attacks on its forces since last October, but the Jordan attack is the first target that has resulted in the deaths of US troops since the beginning of the war.

For its part, the White House said the strikes on Friday targeted 3 targets in Iraq and 4 in Syria, stressing that “the American response began tonight and will not end tonight.”

He added, “We do not want conflict in Iran or the Middle East, but we will not hesitate to defend our military.”

The White House said Washington had informed the Iraqi side about the strikes in advance, but had not communicated with Iran since the latest attack targeting US forces in Jordan.

“Violation of Iraq's sovereignty”

For his part, Yahya Rasoul, spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, said the US strikes are a violation of sovereignty and undermine the efforts of the Iraqi government, which seeks to ensure the stability of the region. As he put it.

Rasoul said that these attacks “threaten to push Iraq and the region into undesirable outcomes” and that their consequences would be “serious” for security and stability.

He reported that US aircraft targeted sites in al-Qaim district and other border areas.

Iraqi security sources reported that 3 soldiers and 2 civilians were killed and 15 people were injured as a result of the US bombing of the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Forces in western Iraq.

US network NBC also quoted an Iraqi security official as saying the raid targeted an arms store and three homes of members of the Iraqi Hezbollah brigade in Anbar governorate in the west of the country.

On the other hand, Iranian sources told Al Jazeera that the US strikes are an open and declared aggression against Syria and Iraq and strike at regional stability, as they say.

The same sources confirmed that there are no Iranian Revolutionary Guard or Quds Force bases in the areas bombed, and that Washington's talk of targeting the Quds Force in Syria is “unrealistic and eye-popping nonsense.”

Iran has repeatedly warned the United States that continued Israeli massacres in Gaza will expand the scope of the war regionally, while Washington confirms that it does not want to expand the conflict, but that it does not want Tel Aviv to intervene. Keeps the supply going. Thousands of tons of weapons and ammunition via an air bridge in self-defense in support of what it calls “Israel's authority.”

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