AFC ends controversy over expulsion of Iraqi Ayman Hussein

Yesterday, Thursday, the Asian Football Confederation confirmed the correctness of the decision of referee Ali Reza Faghani of the Iraq-Jordan match in the round-of-16 final of the Iranian Asian Cup, after which striker Ayman Hussein was sent off with a second yellow card . Many inquiries are being received in this regard.

Hussein, the continental championship's top scorer with six goals, was sent off in the 77th minute after receiving a second yellow card when his team was leading 2–1, but he returned after Jordan scored two lethal goals in stoppage time. Lost.

In light of the large controversy that accompanied the ejection on social media and the fact that supporters of the Iraqi national team signed a petition protesting the referee's decision, the Asian Football Confederation issued an explanatory statement in which it explained the reasons for the ejection. Denied the reasons why this happened. The referee ejected the player.

The statement read: “The first warning was issued to the player in the third minute of the first half as a result of an objection, whether verbal or in action, while the second warning was issued to the player in the 77th minute.” minutes, causing an excessive delay in the resumption of play, and thus the player was issued a red card. Iraq national team number 18 Ayman Hussein, resulting in a second infringement that merited a warning.

The statement further said, “In accordance with the rules of the game established by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the decision to issue a second warning in the 77th minute was based on Article 12, which states that a warning must be issued to a player. ” “Which causes excessive delays in the resumption of play.”

He said, “The player Ayman Hussein caused excessive delay in the restart of the game after scoring a goal in the 75th minute. During the player's celebration, the referee gave Ayman Hussein three stern warnings and finally issued him a second warning. In this regard, the second warning that Ayman received was… According to the rules of the game, the decision of Hussein by the referee was correct.

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