WATCH…The file of the month reveals the secrets of the ups and downs in French-Israeli relations

Al Jazeera Net aired the first episode of “File of the Month” on the YouTube platform, a monthly video that addresses timely topics, including important files. In its first episode, the video reviews the secrets of the ups and downs in French-Israeli relations from General de Gaulle to Emmanuel Macron.

Since the seventh of last October, French positions have fluctuated – as they did during the period of the Fifth Republic – between full support for the Israeli occupation and an insistence on certain humanitarian and political rights of Palestinians.

From the 1940s, France was one of the first countries to support the establishment of the State of Israel and contributed to its establishment politically, militarily and developmentally. Before Charles de Gaulle left power in 1969, he formulated a new policy to deal with Israel that was based on freedom from complete bias towards Israel and the adoption of the option of a two-state solution.

In addition to Jacques Chirac, the New Line continued beyond the de Gaulle era, during the tenures of Presidents Georges Pompidou, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing and François Mitterrand.

But with the coming to power of liberal President Nicolas Sarkozy, France returned to the era of subordination to American-Israeli policy at the expense of recognizing the Palestinians' right to establish their own independent state. The same policy continued with his arrival. The socialists continued with François Hollande and current President Emmanuel Macron.

Analysts explained the withdrawal of French diplomacy with Israeli alternatives to the growing influence and effectiveness of the Jewish lobby in the country, but recent Israeli aggression on Gaza forced Macron to express contradictory stances that sided with Israel. Was between being in and angering its leaders.

According to reports, Macron's policy – ​​even if it is the result of internal and external pressures – is no different from the ups and downs that have characterized the history of French-Israeli relations for more than 80 years.

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