US raid in Yemen and Houthis vow to respond

American media reported that the United States bombed targets belonging to the Ansar Allah Houthi group in Yemen, while the group confirmed that the city of Hodeidah in the west of the country was subject to American-British bombardment.

Today, Thursday, the United States conducted a raid in western Yemen targeting 10 drones that were prepared for launch, the American CBS network said.

Norah O'Donnell, managing editor of CBS Evening News, wrote on the Were prepared.”

In turn, Fox News quoted US officials as saying that US forces destroyed several projectiles that the Houthis were preparing to launch at commercial ships.

US Central Command said its forces shot down a ballistic missile and three drones in the Gulf of Aden. It was launched from Houthi areas in Yemen, and indicated that the operation took place without any casualties or damage.

The Central Command earlier confirmed that its forces had destroyed a Houthi surface-to-air missile that was ready for launch, adding that the missile was in Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen and that its aircraft represented an imminent danger.

A cruise missile launched by the Houthis on Tuesday evening approached a US destroyer before being shot down, CNN quoted US officials as saying, noting that the destroyer had come close-to for the first time since it began intercepting Houthi missiles. Used these weapon systems.

For its part, the Houthi-affiliated al-Masirah channel said the US-British raid targeted the al-Jabna area in the city of Hodeidah in the west of the country in the early hours of Thursday.

The group had earlier announced that US and British forces launched several raids on the Saada governorate in Yemen's northwest, and stressed that “this aggression will not go without response and punishment, and the attacking countries will have to suffer the consequences of their aggression.” Will be.”

For his part, the Houthi group's military spokesman, Yahya Sari, said that the Houthis will increasingly confront US-British tensions and will not hesitate to respond with comprehensive and qualitative military operations, indicating that they will continue to block Israeli navigation. Will keep. Or those heading to the ports of occupied Palestine until the aggression against Gaza stops.

european mission

On the other hand, EU Foreign Policy Commissioner Josep Borrell said that a new EU naval mission would be established to participate in the protection of commercial vessels in the Red Sea and counter Houthi attacks.

Some EU member states are ready to participate and no one is currently hindering it, he said, adding that he hoped the mission would be ready on February 17.

He said the purpose of the mission is to protect ships and prevent any type of attack on energy ships, but without participating in any measures against the Houthis, but rather to remove any difficulties for traffic there .

The Houthis began targeting ships in the Red Sea last November, and confirmed targeting ships linked to Israel in support of Palestinians facing continued aggression against Gaza.

To try to stop them, on January 12 and 22, American and British forces launched a series of attacks on their military sites in Yemen. The United States also formed a multinational maritime task force last month to help protect shipping in the Red Sea, through which 12% of global trade passes.

In addition to military action, Washington has tried to put diplomatic and financial pressure on the Houthis, and last month reclassified them as a “terrorist organization,” after removing that classification after President Joe Biden took office.

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