Samsung is developing a feature for its phones that could save millions of lives

Samsung is working on developing an “incident detection” feature to include it in modern Galaxy phones, reports the GSM Arena website that specializes in phone news.

According to available information, Samsung has equipped the “Galaxy S24 Ultra” and “Z Fold5” phones with a “car accident detection” feature, as researcher and Android system expert Michelle Rahman noted the presence of one in the systems of these devices. Indications have been found. “Car Crash Detect Wake-up” sensor inside. phone software.

The researcher explained that the above sensor can receive multiple data from other electronic sensors in the phone, such as accelerometer and gyroscope, and if it detects that the car in which the phone owner is present has crashed, it will send an alert. Is for specific applications related to it.

Galaxy S24 Ultra and Z Fold5 Car Crash Detect Wakeup Sensor Prompt (via Android Police) Version:
Android systems expert Michel Rahman found indicators of crash detection feature (GSM Arena) in the systems of these devices.

It's not yet known whether the feature will work with the “Galaxy S24” and “Galaxy S24+” phones, which Samsung also recently announced.

Such a feature also works in “Pixel” phones and some modern iPhones launched by Google in the last three years, and when an accident is detected, the application connected to this feature will call emergency and ambulance to save the user's life. Contact services. ,

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