Reuters: Iran recalls its senior officials from Syria and turns to Hezbollah for help

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has reduced the deployment of its senior officers in Syria following a series of deadly Israeli attacks targeting its presence and interests in Syria, Reuters reported, citing its sources.

Reuters said five sources confirmed that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard would rely on Shia factions linked to Tehran to maintain Iranian influence in Syria.

It quoted three of them as saying that Iran would remotely manage its operations in Syria with the help of Lebanese Hezbollah. The agency indicated that it had sought comment from Hezbollah on this information, but has not yet received a response from the party.

“With ultra-conservatives in Tehran seeking revenge, Iran's decision to withdraw senior officials is partly driven by its eagerness not to get drawn into the raging conflict in the Middle East,” Reuters said, citing the above sources. “

One of the sources, a senior regional security official familiar with the matter, said senior Iranian leaders left Syria along with dozens of mid-ranking officials, and said their withdrawal represented a reduction in the Iranian presence in Syria.

Reuters said the source did not mention the number of Iranian leaders leaving, and the agency was not able to independently verify the matter, nor could it comment on the information it received from its sources. Was able to reach.

The sources confirmed that Iran does not intend to withdraw from Syria – which is an essential part of Tehran's sphere of influence – as the latest move highlights the regional implications of the war on the Gaza Strip, which began at seven last October. Was.

The Revolutionary Guard is going through perhaps its toughest period since its arrival in Syria a decade ago to help President Bashar al-Assad in the war in the country, as Israel killed six of its senior advisers during attacks in Syria since last December. Was murdered. Which also includes Quds Force's chief military advisor Radhi Mousavi.

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