Osama Hamdan to Al Jazeera Net: Hamas is studying a new deal proposal, and there is no official response yet

Osama Hamdan, leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), said that following the quadrilateral meeting held in Paris regarding aggression against Qatar, the movement has not yet given any official response to the deal proposal presented by the brothers in the State of Qatar. Gaza Strip, and what is being leaked is an attempt by the government to reduce pressure on the Israeli occupation.

Hamdan – in exclusive statements to Al Jazeera Net – said that, “When the matter becomes mature, and we present our response and reach an agreement, it is natural for us to announce it, but until our There is no response from the proposal letter, and therefore no agreement.”

Regarding the reason for these leaks that have spread in recent hours, indicating that an agreement on a new agreement is close to being reached, the Hamas leader said that the head of the occupation government, Benjamin Netanyahu, faces intense pressure from the ruling coalition. Used to be. and the families of prisoners held in resistance as a result of the ongoing aggression against the Gaza Strip, “because they accuse him of theft, lying and lack of interest.” As with the fate of his children, he is making intense efforts to relieve this pressure, but within the framework of his insistence on continuing the genocide he is carrying out in Gaza.

Netanyahu's plan

Hamdan explained that part of Netanyahu's plan has been to leak news in the past weeks in order to silence the minds of all opponents and pressurers, and that it seems he has “reached a level where leaks are no longer useful, So they resorted to introducing false status “in practice.”

He also stressed that when Hamas studies a resolution or responds to a resolution, it “stems from our appreciation of the interest of the Palestinian people, which is primarily to end this aggression in a comprehensive manner.” And all based on providing relief.” “There is a need for reconstruction as a result of this aggression, including ending the Israeli siege on the sector.”

Regarding items that could be included in the paper that Hamas is currently studying, Hamdan said, “The proposal is still under study, and so I don't want to give any answers about it.”

But he added, “Not all ideas coming from the occupation or the US administration meet the wishes of the Palestinian people, and this is nothing new. As they claim, the entire history of US efforts to find a solution to the Palestinian issue based on a logic, which is what Israel wants, and on the logic of ending the Palestinian issue. That's why we deal with proposals on a specific basis, which is the interests and needs of the Palestinian people, and not just because That this proposal was presented through America or Israel.

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