Iraqi Prime Minister reaffirms his confidence in Koch Casas

Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani reaffirmed his confidence in the Iraqi national team in light of the presence of its Spanish technical director, Jesus Casas, as head of the technical staff.

Al-Sudani explained that “the team has pleased all the Iraqi people, who are proud of this team after achieving important results by defeating important teams in the 2023 Asian Cup”.

“This team makes us feel comfortable and we feel comfortable,” Al-Sudani said today, Thursday, during his meeting with several players of the “Mesopotamia Lions” team and the technical staff led by Casas in the presence of Federation President Adnan Darjal. Makes you feel.” “We are confident about the future, and our confidence is great in the presence of the coach, with whom we have a team that is different in its performance from previous years.”

The Sudanese said, “Thank you to the champion players, the federation and the coach. We have a team of this level. This match is a message to support the team, starting with their upcoming entitlements in the World Cup qualifiers, and we insist on Let's give.” Supporting sports in general.”

The Iraqi Prime Minister addressed Casas, saying, “We are proud of your presence with the national team, and our desire as fans, before becoming responsible, is to achieve the goal of reaching the World Cup, believing that What's coming is better. You've provided something great, and our confidence in you is great.”

Al-Sudani commented on the incident at the press conference

Al-Sudani described the incident at the press conference after the Jordan match by several Iraqi media professionals, saying, “This behavior has nothing to do with the Iraqi media. Iraqi media professionals are keen to present a good image. ” Their country. All Iraqi people love friends and this is their true face.”

Cassas was attacked in an unprecedented manner by several Iraqi journalists during his press conference after facing the Jordan team, which knocked its Iraqi counterpart out of the tournament by defeating them 3–2, thereby denying them a place in the quarter-finals. They tried to attack him before security forces intervened and chased them out of the conference hall.

In an official statement, the Asian Football Confederation condemned the actions of several Iraqi media professionals, and decided to bar them from covering the upcoming Asian Championships, in addition to the Iraqi Federation's statement condemning the incident while emphasizing its support. Gave. And standing with the technical director of the team.

For his part, Casas expressed thanks for the support of the Iraqi government, saying, “I am happy with the support of the Iraqi federation and government, and we would like to continue together,” adding, “I am saddened that That this was the state of Iraq, but the image that was exported to the world was not the real image of Iraq. That's what saddened me.”

Iraqi federation president Adnan Dirjal thanked the support provided by the prime minister and his continued support for the national team, saying, “We will have good confidence in the upcoming elections.”

Team captain, goalkeeper Jalal Hasan also expressed his gratitude and thanks to all the players for their support to the Prime Minister.

The Iraqi national team's exit from the continental event was a major disappointment in Iraqi football circles, who were hoping for a second title after 2007, especially after the historic 2–1 win over Japan in the first round.

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