International newspapers: Israel loses its war and must accept an independent Palestinian state

International newspapers stated that Israel had begun to lose the war on more than one side and should accept the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, noting that the matter would be a result of an agreement with Iran regarding its nuclear program. But cannot be separated from reaching.

Author Thomas Friedman said – in his article in The New York Times – that Israel is now losing on several fronts, noting that it lost the narrative war on Gaza and ended up facing the International Court of Justice.

“It is also losing its ability to maintain its security and is also losing on the front of regional stability, as it has become the target of the Islamic Resistance Movement in Yemen (Hamas), Hezbollah, Ansar Allah group (Houthis),” he said. ” , and Shia militias in Iraq.”

The author stressed that Israel “cannot lead the Arab allies or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to victory in the war because it refuses to adopt any initiative to sponsor a legitimate and credible Palestinian partner.”

Two-state solution and nuclear deal

On The Hill website, an article called on Democrats in the United States to press for the establishment of a Palestinian state and a nuclear deal with Iran.

The article points to the need to reach a new nuclear deal with Iran, including firm US action regarding negotiations to establish a Palestinian state, “because one cannot do without the other.”

As for the Israeli “Haaretz”, it said in its editorial that in light of more countries joining in to support this viewpoint, Israel should join the US and Britain in saying yes to a Palestinian state. .

The newspaper said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his extremist government “failed to understand this political awakening,” adding, “Washington and London are realizing that it is impossible to return to diplomatic dysfunction regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Is.”

In the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, writer Orly Azoulay said that Netanyahu is resorting to procrastination and biding for time, hoping that Donald Trump will return to the US presidency, which thus holds the key to his political survival. represents.

The author believes that Trump receives praise from Israel because he has moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, but according to him it is a move that has proven hollow.

An article in Foreign Affairs magazine said that the Middle East is facing a difficult time due to the massive bloodshed in Gaza and further crisis may arise.

The article points out that only the leading countries of the Middle East are capable of reforming and building a regional system for the region and building a different future, because US military and diplomatic activity did not instill confidence, as That he said.

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