Hostages were taken at a US factory near Istanbul in a show of solidarity with Gaza


Turkish media reported that an armed man stormed a factory of the American company “Procter & Gamble” near Istanbul and took several people hostage there.

According to Turkish police, the man, whose nationality is unknown, attacked the factory located in the Gebze region of Kocaeli state in protest against the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Agence France-Presse, citing a union representing workers at the factory, said the attackers were holding seven people hostage, adding that the remaining workers had been released.

Turkish media reported that special forces and ambulance teams arrived at the site to deal with the incident, noting that the man was carrying at least one pistol.

Turkish security also closed main roads in the area and set up security cordons around them. Turkish authorities have not yet issued any official statement regarding the incident.

Since the beginning of the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip, Turkey has witnessed numerous demonstrations in support of Gaza and demanding that the Turkish government take action to stop the “genocide” carried out by the Israeli occupation in the Strip.

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