Expert Scott Reiter: Hamas has won and is the only Hamas working for the establishment of a Palestinian state

Washington- Former US military intelligence officer, Scott Reiter, confirmed that the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) won the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip militarily and politically.

In a lengthy interview published by Al Jazeera Net on Friday evening, Reiter said that Israel realizes that the strategy it adopted in Gaza did not succeed in weakening Hamas militarily, so it is withdrawing its brigades.

The former US intelligence officer said that Tel Aviv is losing and will continue to lose at all levels of this political, military and economic conflict.

Regarding Hamas's position among the Palestinian people, he believes that if elections were held today in Gaza, the West Bank and abroad, Hamas would win, because it is the only Palestinian organization that works for the establishment of a Palestinian state. And calls out. , according to his statement.

Regarding the ceasefire in Gaza, Reiter says that it is a political issue that will be achieved only when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is currently fighting for his political life, is removed from office.

“Successful Operation”

He pointed out that Hamas's “successful” operation last October 7 was not estimated at the required size and “blindsided” Israel. Tel Aviv also “chose genocide” and therefore failed to free its hostages.

The former US intelligence official explained that the occupation aimed to “remove the Palestinian people from the strip” by destroying all means of life in Gaza, expecting that it would not succeed in its endeavor.

Regarding the full support of US President Joe Biden's administration for Israeli aggression on Gaza, Scott Reiter says that US government institutions are being bought by Israeli interest groups led by AIPAC, who have mastered the profession of buying politicians. Has attained.

The military expert spoke to Al Jazeera Net about the “awakening” in American society to the reality of the plight of the Palestinian people following the October 7, 2023 operation.

Regarding Washington's operations in the Red Sea against the Houthis, he considered that it played a low-level response game as it was being attacked in Syria, Iraq and Jordan. He believes the era of automatic US deterrence is “over”, as he put it.

The US military expert concluded that the CIA, which had become “lazy”, should never overly trust Israel or any other country, especially after Tel Aviv's failure to stop the “Al-Aqsa flood” operation.

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