Elections are scheduled in Pakistan and a court decision cites the reason for Imran Khan's imprisonment

The Pakistani interior minister announced – Thursday – that Pakistani elections will be held on time, after a detailed court ruling said the leaking of former Prime Minister Imran Khan's secret telegrams would cause economic, political and economic damage to the country. The loss was diplomatic. Tuesday – Imprisoning him for 10 years.

The interior minister's announcement to confirm the election date came after the country's election authority held a meeting with government and intelligence officials to discuss the increase in violence.

“Elections will be held on February 8,” Acting Interior Minister Gauhar Ijaz said, stressing that the series of attacks in Balochistan province in the country's southwest, where Islamabad has been facing a decades-long insurgency, does not constitute It happens. “Security threat,” and they will provide appropriate security. For elections.

Last Tuesday, police announced that at least four people were killed in a bomb blast in Quetta, southwestern Pakistan, near an election rally of the Tehreek-e-Insaf party, which was founded by Imran Khan.

On Wednesday, PTI-backed independent candidate Rehan Zeb Khan was shot dead in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Kashif Zulfiqar, a police officer in the area, said, “The murder of Rehan Zeb is a premeditated murder aimed at creating chaos during the elections.”

A senior counter-terrorism department official confirmed to Agence France-Presse that 15 political figures in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have faced death threats from terrorists in the last two months.

Khan called on voters to take revenge against injustice by voting in the February 8 election (Reuters – Archive)

Secret leaks cause harm to the country

On the other hand, a detailed court judgment issued on Thursday said that Imran Khan's leaking of a secret diplomatic cable caused economic, political and diplomatic losses to the country.

Last Tuesday, a special court held at Adiala jail – where Khan has been held for most of the time since his arrest in August – convicted Khan on charges of revealing state secrets, and sentenced him to 10 years in jail. Sentenced and debarred him from holding public office. During that period, which represents a blow to him and his party ahead of the general elections.

“It is clear that due to the violations committed by Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi, Pakistan faced serious economic, diplomatic and political consequences, resulting in weakening of the country's economy and negative impact on national security,” the ruling said.

The case relates to a secret telegram sent by the Pakistani ambassador in Washington to the government in Islamabad, in which Khan was accused of publishing and misusing its contents, and the court convicted him on 4 charges under the State Secrets Act. Was appointed.

Khan – who enjoys massive popular support in Pakistan – said the telegram was evidence of a conspiracy by the Pakistani military and the US government to overthrow his government in 2022, and the United States and the Pakistani military deny the allegation. Did.

After the verdict against him was issued, Khan told voters in a statement published on his account on the who may be led by the stick.”

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