America shaken by political murder, a young man shows video of his father's severed head

The murder of a political nature rocked American streets after a young man in Pennsylvania murdered his father and displayed his severed head in a video clip on YouTube, calling for the assassination of all federal officers in the United States. kept.

The video clip broadcast by Justin Mohan, 32, near a Pennsylvania National Guard training center in the Fort Indiantown Gap area was a statement in which he called on “American patriots to take up arms against the federal governments.”

Many of the points outlined in Mohan's speech bring to mind common themes that conspiracy theorists and far-right activists often focus on, while some of his complaints overlap with violent conspiracy theories adopted by some extremist movements such as the QAnon movement .

Mohan, in a video clip of more than 14 minutes (deleted hours after being posted), said that his father was a federal employee for 20 years, and “is now in hell forever as a traitor to his country ,” said while appealing to the citizens. Attack federal employees, and kill law enforcement. “Unionists are attacking reporters, and reading out the name and address of a U.S. District Court judge in Montgomery County.”

Mohan complained about immigrants coming into the country illegally, President Joe Biden and other high-ranking federal officials, communists, the “far-left crowd,” Black Lives Matter supporters and the anti-fascist movement Antifa.

Mohan said, “I am now officially the acting President of the United States under martial law,” and he talked about the Christian Bible, debt cancellation, converting the country to Judeo-Christian values, human trafficking, and them. Felt that a big tech company was evading taxes. Call for “revolution”. “Another American.”

Mohan, who had sought protection from the militia, confirmed in the video that the FBI had previously threatened to arrest him, noting that the Democratic and Republican parties believe he will be the best candidate in 2020. Was a presidential candidate and “there are people” who believe he is the Messiah.

Authorities arrested Justin Mohan in the early morning hours of Wednesday, January 31, 2024, after the victim's wife called 911 and found the body of his father, Michael Mohan, 68, in the bathroom of their home in the Upper Orchard Drive area . , near the New Jersey border.

Right-wing conspiracy theories in America

The Justin Mohan incident was reminiscent of the events of January 6, 2021, which became a symbol of the far right in the United States, when an angry mob of right-wing extremists represented by the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers emerged. Protesting against what he said…the election was stolen as part of a conspiracy by the deep state.

According to experts, far-right groups, such as those that participated in the riots that led to the attack on the Capitol Building, pose a serious and growing threat throughout the United States, as the involvement of an armed group in demonstrations has increased significantly. Since Joe Biden's victory in the recent presidential elections.

In early September 2021, American Anthony Chansley – known as “Shaman QAnon” – pleaded guilty before a federal court on charges of participating in the riot during the attack on the US Congress building in January 2021.

During the incident, which was described as an act of insurrection and internal terrorism, 4 people died and political chaos spread amid the outbreak of civil war and warnings of the imminent end of American democracy.

Chansley attracted world attention with his chest covered in tattoos featuring religious symbols of his Scandinavian heritage, some of which indicate superiority of the white race, a headdress made of buffalo horns and fur hanging over his shoulders.

After researching his records, it was revealed that he is the founder of a Facebook page that calls on its members for awakening, transcendence and waking up from the sleep in which the world is sinking.

Although far-right groups are generally against the government, these groups were in favor of former President Trump, and according to militia affairs researcher Amy Cotter: “Most of these groups see Trump as the person closest to their “ideal.” Let's see the model for the President.”

Most of Trump's supporters are mainly evangelicals, white supremacists, the wealthiest groups, and the military industrial complex, and most of them believe that Trump is God's gift to them to hasten the return of the Messiah.

Experts believe that Trump's policies, strongly nominated to return to the White House again in the 2024 elections, contributed to creating widespread rivalries with the increasing incidence of armed groups within the United States during the past few years. Is. Separate from official security forces and operate according to certain political beliefs.

The most prominent of these militias were founded by white Americans who practice racist and extremist right-wing policies, notably “Boogaloo” groups, which were founded as a right-wing movement in 2012 but famously disbanded in 2019. Done, and more recently the others “The Proud Boys” and “The Proud Boys.” Groups such as The Boogaloo Boys emerged.

“The Boogaloo Boys” is a loosely organized group whose members typically express a desire to carry out an armed coup against the government, while “The Proud Boys”, founded in 2016, focuses on being anti-immigrant and anti-male . General.

These militias also include the “Oath Keepers”, whose membership is estimated at about 35,000, and whose slogan is “to defend the American Constitution by all peaceful and armed means.” They are right-wing extremists and also believe in supremacy. There is also the white race, and the “Three Percenters” group.

The US Department of Homeland Security warned in its annual assessment in 2020 that white supremacist violence was “the most lethal and persistent threat to the country”, and that the majority of terrorist plots and attacks during the first eight months of 2020 came from the far right. More than the far left or groups. Armed “jihadism”, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

The New Right extremists expressed their anger at the federal government, using practices similar to those that sparked the American Civil War between 1861–1865, such as: their opposition to equality and democracy, their claims of feeling excluded due to the bureaucracy imposed by the federal government and The announcement of rising taxes, and control of the liberal elite, and the apprehension of their threats. Expected because of technological advances, reliance on technological innovation and preoccupation with efficiency and experience.

The extreme right claimed that African Americans spread crime, opened borders to immigrants coming from different countries and destroyed the morale of police officers, as confirmed by a recent study by Steven Eric Bruner, co-director of the International Council for Diplomacy. happened. and Dialogue, titled “The Extreme Right in the United States – Mythological Ideas and Political Violence.”

For his part, the professor of political science at Rutgers University said that the infiltration of the extreme right into American society has led to the spread of violence as the only way to resolve conflicts and disagreements, and there are more than 500 million weapons in circulation. and spread across the United States, leading to hundreds of shootings. Group and individual fire.

Far-right policies are in the interests of evangelicals, other religious fundamentalists, white nationalists, gun extremists, neo-Nazis and conspiracy theorists, according to the study.

Eric says that mythic ideas shape the far-right's view of the world and life, and that the deeper the right penetrates ideological views, the more radical its political affiliations become, as they refer to the Golden Age. Let's relate it to dominance. The supremacy of the white man, Christianity, and the continued control of the rich and wealthy owners of wealth.

He added, “Adherents of the far right believe that the promise to pursue happiness in the Declaration of Independence was made only for them, not for workers, people of color (black and yellow), women, Native Americans ( Red Indians), Asians, and other groups of people.”

Racist movements and militias rejecting the integration of blacks spread, especially in southern states. Anti-integration movements were abundant, the most important of which was the “Council of Conservative Citizens”, which was founded in 1985 and called for special citizenship for whites, and also believed in their superiority.

According to the study, this increase in activity began at the end of President George W. Bush's presidential era, and after the country was burdened by the effects of the invasion of Iraq and the economic recession of 2007–2008, the “tea movement” was a Emerging with conservative economic framework, extreme right-wing tendencies, and Republican tendencies in the political landscape.

With President Obama coming to power in 2008, political competition between the two parties intensified, and inflammatory racist rhetoric increased and intensified, leading to the emergence of a polarized environment in which the extreme right flourished. Nationalism increasingly became part of daily political life, and according to the study, hatred towards foreigners and immigrants increased.

“Highly-educated white man.”

Returning to Justin Mohan, the perpetrator of the Pennsylvania incident, he is considered to be an extension of the far-right movement in America, spreading conspiracy theories about which he says he is one of its victims because he failed to get a job. which forced her to move back in to live with her parents, where after graduation she began repaying loan installments of $80 per month, causing her “life-defining damage”, and a year After, he moved to Colorado to work.

In October 2016, he moved to another higher paying job before being fired from his job and was left with $12,000 in debt, which negatively impacted his credit record.

According to a court filing, the agribusiness graduate has filed three lawsuits against federal agencies, including the US government, alleging that their negligence caused him to take out student loans between 2010 and 2014.

According to US newspapers, Mohan filed a lawsuit against the US government in 2020, seeking $10 million in compensation, and argued in her lawsuit that the government had failed to protect her and her parents from the risks involved in her student loans. Misled about, considering that he would not be able to do so. To find work as a “highly educated white person.”

Young American claims that “the Department of Education encourages high school students to go to college, but does not disclose to white male students the risks of a college education financed through student loans,” they wrote in the lawsuit.

After his claims were rejected, he sought to remove the judge from the case due to personal bias and conflicting personal financial interests.

Mohan is very active on social media, promoting his music and self-published books, saying, “He just wants to make a positive change in the world.”

A book he published in 2017, titled “The Revolutionary Leader's Survival Guide”, included a copy of a letter addressed to then-US President Donald Trump, warning that “if positive change does not occur in America So there will be a peaceful revolution encouraged by the author.” World soon.”

In 2020, Mohan published a book about the story of a man who moved to Colorado Springs, titled “The Second Messiah: King of the Earth”, in which he wrote extensively about Satanic cults, the Democratic Party, and the Cold War. I spoke. Warr said the book was inspired by his life in Colorado.

Source , al Jazeera , American press , British press , websites

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