Al-Khelaifi: Proud of the extraordinary organization of the Asian Cup

Couplet- European Club Association President Nasser Al-Khelaifi repeated “proud and proud” more than once during his talk about the European Club Association's executive committee meeting in his meeting with journalists including Al Jazeera Net. Qatar for the second time after the first during the 2022 World Cup period.

The role of the ECA Executive Committee is to hold regular meetings to guide, advise and inform the Council on key issues relating to the strategic development and implementation of the organisation.

The meeting was held in Doha during the Asian Cup, which is being held in Qatar until the 10th of this month, in which 113 players active in European clubs participate, which is about 20% of the total number of players in the tournament. Is equal to.

The President of Paris Saint-Germain said, “Whenever Executive Committee members visit the country the reaction is positive. They praise the infrastructure and the capabilities available and express their appreciation for the people, customs and traditions. Yes. We want to show.” What can Qatar achieve for the world, especially after hosting such an extraordinary Asian Cup, and what it has to offer. “For the local committee, it is a matter of concern.”

He added, “Everyone present at the meeting was praising the organization of the largest continental football sporting event, and this praise touched our hearts, not to mention breaking the record for the number of spectators in attendance. This shows that this success is not achieved.” From a day and a night, but it requires work, fatigue and effort.”

He explains, “The number of clubs associated with the association is constantly increasing. Seven months ago, we were 280 clubs, and today we are approaching 500, and our ambition is to reach 700 clubs. We Also discussed the court's decision on the Super Championship, and it will not change anything, but our position will be strengthened and the European Championship will be strengthened. Everyone confirmed that “On the strength of the European Club Championship, and in addition to the partnership with UEFA and FIFA , they will be strengthened.”

In response to a question from Al Jazeera Net, Al-Khelaifi confirmed that “the decision of the European Court of Justice strengthens European clubs, and although there are still those who want to organize the European Super Cup, the decision of the Court does not allow the organization to take place.” Any closed tournament is prohibited, and they used media propaganda to promote a victory that does not exist. It is possible.” Any party can organize a tournament if no one prevents it from doing so.

He added, “Everyone is proud to participate in the Champions League, the European League and the European Conference League and these historic and prestigious tournaments that give all clubs, regardless of their history and titles, the opportunity to compete in them and win. Allows.” For example, Paris Saint-Germain was playing in the European League in 2011, and if the European Super Championship had been established at that time, it would not have been possible to do so.” The Paris team was one of the top 4 clubs in the world. and reached the Champions League final, why do we deny clubs the right to move forward, develop and compete?

Regarding the role of the consultation office with which the association has contracted, he explained that “its role will be to help us achieve our goals in the next session of the association, to change the structure and organize financing matters, and many There are media professionals who do not know what role we provide? Signing the partnership agreement with the European Football Association (UEFA) It served Asia and Africa, and the African and Asian confederations received income, and the association and all There is a partnership between the continental confederations, and all clubs benefit from the new club championship, whether they participate or not, and this was under the partnership agreement with FIFA.”

club recruitment package

As far as the package to attract European clubs to join the association is concerned, Al-Khelaifi revealed that “This is one of the goals of the consultancy company. All European clubs benefit from the income of those tournaments “Clubs that participate, and even clubs that don’t participate, benefit.”

He concluded, “We provide services, legal advice and assistance in solving problems with EU or local leagues, helping them financially, and consulting in marketing, digital sphere and development of training centers . The big clubs have everything – money, stars, training centers, knowledge, science, football, players, football managers and fans. That's why we created committees for transfers… These experiences and services for small clubs seeking profit Are.”

He concluded by saying that the Asian Club Association is ready to cooperate with them, and we have good relations with the African Union and are ready to provide assistance, because they really need help and we are all among football. Look forward to a comprehensive partnership. Club in the world.

Interview with Mr. Nasser Al-Khelaifi and the meeting of the European Club Association
Role of the European Club Association Executive Committee: Holding regular meetings to provide guidance and advice (Al Jazeera)

83% increase since the beginning of the current season

The association meeting, which represents clubs from across Europe and its partnerships with the European Football Association (UEFA) and the International Football Association (FIFA), was attended by:

  • Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa, President of the Asian Football Confederation.
  • Jassim Rashid Al-Bunain, President of the Qatar Football Association.
  • Matthias Grafstrom, Interim Secretary General of FIFA.
  • Pedro Proenza, President of the European League.

According to the statement issued by the association, the objective of the meeting is – “to achieve the vision of the European Club Association in strengthening constructive relationships and partnerships with all stakeholders in football.”

“Since the last meeting of the Executive Committee in Copenhagen in December 2023, 36 new members have joined the Association, bringing its total number of members to 486 since the start of the 2023/2024 season,” the statement said. There is an increase of 83%.” ,

During the meeting, Al-Khelaifi said, “These meetings at the level of senior leadership of the European Club Association are very important, especially with the rapid pace of continued growth of the organization and the number of its members approaching 500 clubs.”

He further added, “The existing responsibilities of the European Club Association go beyond the European continent to benefit clubs around the world, as stated in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Association and the International Federation, through mechanisms such as the Club Benefits Program (Distribution) Revenue from the World Cup organized by an international federation. Football Association applies to all clubs that allow their players to participate in the tournament.

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