Al Jazeera Net tracks the suffering of the Iraqi villages of Dohuk due to the conflict between Turkey and the “Kurdistan Workers' Party”.

Dohook- The village of Sarkali, belonging to the Amadiyah district of Dohuk province in the north of Iraq's Kurdistan region, was hit by intense bombardment by Turkish drones in the wake of escalating fighting between Turkish forces and militants from the hidden Kurdistan Workers' Party. Inside the area of ​​the area.

Turkey justified the bombing, saying it targeted a gathering of Workers' Party militants who use the area as their base and are hiding in the mountains adjacent to the village, which is located on the outskirts of Mount Matin in the Kurdistan Region. Located in depth. 20 km from the winding border between the two countries.

These border villages, which were damaged as a result of renewed fighting between Turkey and the Kurdistan Workers' Party, are more than 250 kilometers from Erbil, the region's capital.

Villagers in Iraqi Kurdistan have become victims of mutual attacks between Turkiye and the Workers' Party
Renewed fighting between Turkey and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (al-Jazeera) resulted in most families leaving Sarkali village.

villagers are leaving it

Bishkeft Rashid, owner of a livestock project in Sarkali village, says: “I was warned to evacuate the livestock and their fodder warehouses two hours before I was targeted by the Turkish drone, after which I was forced to evacuate the project. Fell.”

The bombing caused – as Rashid told Al Jazeera Net – an estimated damage of 300 thousand dollars, and the bombing also damaged the houses of other villagers near the bombing site.

These developments reduced the number of families in the village to one-tenth of its original number. Nizar Shino, village head and school director, says: “We used to have about 500 families living in this village, but most of the families left the village.”

“The number of families still living in the village has dropped to less than 50 as others have moved to safer places, and the last of these was my cousin, who left the village two days ago,” Shino told Al Jazeera Net. Was.”

Village Mukhtar: The main water source has been damaged and cannot be contacted for repair (Al Jazeera)

stalled projects

Mukhtar of Sarkali village further said: “If this war continues in our area, we, the rest of us, will be forced to leave the village permanently. Government projects have been suspended due to the war and we cannot access basic Services are deprived The main source of water has been damaged due to the bombing, and we can't go near it to repair it. “This will affect agriculture in the coming summer season, and we don't know where we will get water from. “

Khoshfi Salim, a member of the families still remaining in the village, described what they are experiencing as a result of the ongoing fighting, saying: “We live in a state of terror, because we cannot leave the village more than 100 meters away. ” Sometimes there is fear of snipers or bombings from Kurdistan Workers' Party militants.” “Other times we become targets of Turkish drones,” he said. “Two days ago, a bullet rang out in the courtyard of my house. Was.”

Salim told Al Jazeera Net: “I fear for my children, but at the same time I cannot leave my home, my village and my profession, which I don't know about. We depend on farming and livestock rearing here , and most importantly, this is the land of my ancestors. We were born and brought up in this village.”

Arshin Salman - The villagers of Iraqi Kurdistan have become victims of mutual attack by Turkey and the Workers' Party
The mayor of Amadiya district says attacks in the area have disrupted government development projects (Al Jazeera)

The Kurdish villagers demanded official intervention to protect them from the consequences of the fighting, adding: “We call on the Kurdistan Regional Government, as well as the federal government in Baghdad, to take action and persuade the PKK terrorists to be removed from these areas ” Türkiye should stop targeting us. We need security to stay safe in our villages.”

Warchin Salman, mayor (local official) of Amadiya District, explained that Amadiya is one of the largest districts of Dohuk Governorate, and it is adjacent to the border with Turkey, while the district consists of 6 districts, and the total number of villages in it is 356. There are villages, but so far 201 villages have been deserted, and displacement is continuing and at an increasing pace.

Speaking to Al Jazeera Net, Warashin said: “There are many government projects that we were tasked to implement in the region, but the current development prevented us from implementing most of these projects, and we And to provide electricity services some villages cannot be reached and spread roads to them.”

Villagers in Iraqi Kurdistan have become victims of mutual attacks between Turkiye and the Workers' Party
Khoshfi Salim, a resident of Sarkali village, showing the bullet that hit his house recently (Al Jazeera)

growing threats

It is noteworthy that PKK terrorists have been hiding in these places since the late 1980s, but recently their presence there has become greater than ever, as these terrorists have left their positions inside Turkey and the Turkish army has also left them. Is moving forward. As a result of attacks on them by Turkish aircraft and artillery.

These developments threaten the security of Iraqi Kurdistan, a region that has long demanded that the party's militants leave these sites and has also called on Turkey to avoid targeting villagers' sites.

The Kurdistan Workers' Party was founded in Turkey in 1978, and began armed action in 1984. The party fought alongside Turkish forces inside and outside Turkish territory, where approximately 50,000 civilians and militants were killed in the conflict.

Turkish intelligence arrested the party's leader and founder, Abdullah Öcalan, in 1999, and he is currently serving a life sentence in a prison on Imralı Island in the Sea of ​​Marmara in Turkey.

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