Al-Duwairi: The occupation's justification for withdrawing forces from Khan Yunis is contradictory and indicates its loss

Major General Faiz al-Duwairi, a military and strategic expert, said that the Israeli occupation forces' justification for withdrawing its forces from the city of Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip, by ending its duties in the area, was contradictory. Substituting other forces in their place indicates that it is indicative of the loss of those forces and a decline in their combat capability.

According to an interactive map broadcast by Al Jazeera, the occupation army withdrew part of its forces west of Khan Younis to areas close to Hamad Town, while the army had earlier announced that it had withdrawn the 4th “Kriyati” Brigade and 55 reserve paratroopers have been withdrawn. Claiming that they had completed their war mission, but it sent other forces in their place.

Al-Duwairi pointed out that if these forces actually accomplished their tasks, there would be no need to send other forces to complete the mission, which contradicts the occupying forces' declaration and an explanation for this withdrawal. indicates the existence of another cause.

Military experts believe that the logical reason for this withdrawal is the drop in combat capability of these forces to less than 60%, as is the military tradition, because after these losses, these forces are no longer able to continue fighting in those dense areas. Are not capable.

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Al-Duwairi reported that all forces in the north had reestablished themselves either by transferring them to other areas or by withdrawing them completely, stressing that the nature of the fighting in the northern areas was comparable to the earlier phase. I was completely different. And even after the end of the humanitarian ceasefire.

He explained that the North no longer carries out broad-front attacks, but rather limited and determined operations in terms of time and space, and is motivated by the emergence of resistance fighters, which they do because fighting at a distance is no longer a thing. Is. In their interest, and in light of the limited weapons and their known limitations, represents a losing equation.

Regarding the increase in captured video clips showing the evacuation of the wounded, al-Duwairi believes that this represents a message from the military that it is making great sacrifices, which is a matter of concern for both the political wing and the military wing. Beech reflects the controversy, which has given rise to complaints about the vagueness of the war's goals.

Al-Duwairi attributed the increasing number of casualties among officers of the occupation army to two causes: first, the increase in the number of officers in the lower ranks of the army, and their inability to deal with the severe conditions in battle.

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