A judge dismisses the lawsuit against the Biden administration on charges of enabling genocide in Gaza

Yesterday, on Wednesday, US federal judge Jeffrey White reluctantly refused to accept a lawsuit in Oakland, California to block support for Israel based on judicial precedent, saying he would have to agree with the Justice Department. It was forced to state that “foreign policy decisions regarding providing military or financial assistance to a foreign country are a fundamentally political matter.

In a ruling dismissing a lawsuit filed by Palestinian rights defenders last November in which they accused President Joe Biden's administration of enabling Israel to carry out genocide in Gaza, White said the evidence indicates that Israeli forces are Can deal with Palestinians in India. Constitute genocide.

He also said the evidence he has is consistent with the findings of the International Court of Justice, which last Friday ordered Israel to take measures to protect Palestinians in Gaza from genocide.

He said it is the duty of every individual to confront the siege imposed by Israel on Gaza, “However, the court must remain within the scope of its jurisdiction,” urging the defendants to study the consequences of their steadfast support for the siege. . Palestinians in Gaza.

It comes after a federal judge heard more than 3 hours of testimony last Friday from Palestinians from Gaza, their relatives, a doctor and their rights defenders. White then described the evidence in the case as “painful”, emphasizing that the verdict would be one of the most difficult he has ever faced in his judicial career.

It is noteworthy that the United States provides $3.8 billion in military aid to Israel annually, and Biden is seeking congressional approval to receive an additional $14 billion.


For their part, lawyers for the plaintiffs – who filed the suit against the Biden administration – expressed disappointment at the decision, while also saying the ruling is encouraging.

Despite dismissing the case, the court's statement confirmed that the government was violating the Genocide Convention, he said, adding that it was considering an appeal of the decision.

judicial precedent

White based his ruling on a judicial precedent in the case of Rachel Corrie, who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer while trying to save a family's home from demolition in Gaza in 2005.

The court then ruled in a case brought by the Corey family against the American company that manufactured the Israeli bulldozer that killed their daughter, accused of aiding Tel Aviv in war crimes, that the case would be allowed to continue because of “foreign policy decisions.” will interfere unduly.” ,

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