Washington accuses “Islamic resistance in Iraq” of being behind the Jordan attack

The White House announced today, Wednesday, that the “Islamic Resistance in Iraq” was behind a drone attack on a military base in Jordan near the border with Syria, which killed 3 US soldiers and injured dozens.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said, “Our intelligence community believes that the Islamic Resistance Group in Iraq, which includes several factions loyal to Iran, carried out the attack.”

In a related context, a senior US Treasury Department official – who declined to be identified – said Washington expects the Iraqi government to stop funding to armed groups in the country following the attack that targeted a US base. Will help. Jordan…

Yesterday, on Tuesday, the armed Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades suspended their military and security operations against US forces with the aim of protecting the Iraqi government from any embarrassment, against the background of the consequences of the first attack, which killed US forces. Human damage was caused. Operation Al-Aqsa flooding and the beginning of the war in Gaza last October 7.

The Pentagon said Sunday's drone strike on a US military site near the Jordanian-Syrian border had the “fingerprints” of the Iraqi armed group Kata'ib Hezbollah.

Since Israel's war on the Gaza Strip began on October 7, Iran-allied groups have launched attacks on Israeli and US targets from Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

According to the Pentagon announcement, there have been 165 attacks on US forces in Iraq and Syria since last October 17 – including the attack in northeastern Jordan.

Meanwhile, Iraqi armed groups have since claimed responsibility for more than 150 attacks on US forces in the region.

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