Saudis angered by Saudi coach Mancini's exit before the end of the penalty shootout

Saudi national team coach Roberto Mancini walked off the field before the penalty shootout against South Korea in the Asian Football Cup competitions currently being held in Qatar, sparking anger and condemnation on the Saudi streets, which had a social impact. Got to see. Media platform.

Tweeters attacked the Italian coach's behavior for leaving the field without supporting his players until the end, noting that his behavior was neither unsportsmanlike nor professional, and others said that Mancini should have led his team to the end. Should have stood with… “They fought them to the end… They lost? Shake their hands… Thank them… Try.” To ease their grief over the loss,” one of them said.

Bloggers described Mancini's incomprehensible behaviour, and wondered what his reaction would have been if fortune had smiled on the Saudi team after his dismissal shot. What will his behavior and emotions be like?

Some observers commented on the Italian coach's exit, saying that he abandoned the players and the entire Saudi audience, who had supported the Greens during their journey in the Asian Cup, and were among the most coveted fans at the tournament.

Twitterati reported that the Italian coach had been causing problems for the Saudi team since the beginning of the tournament, and this culminated with his withdrawal from the field, which they compared to the return of a defeated man from the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Saudi fans demanded that Mancini's contract with the Saudi national team be terminated and that no club in the kingdom be allowed to sign a contract with him.

On the other hand, some observers went in the other direction, describing Mancini's behavior as smart and saying that he acted in this way to put pressure on the players, rather than on them, in order to protect them and provide a way for a green Saudi future. Generation can be created.

Saudi Football Federation head Yasser al-Meshaal criticized Italian coach Roberto Mancini for walking off the field before the end of the penalty shootout, calling it “completely unacceptable”.

For his part, Mancini apologized for his early exit, explaining during the press conference, “I thought the match was over and it was not my intention to disrespect anyone.”

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Federation has not provided any details about its contract with Mancini, which starts last August, while Italian reports say that he will sign a contract worth 25 million euros ($27 million) annually until 2027. do.

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