Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Iran and Ethiopia join BRICS

South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor said on Wednesday that five of the six countries invited to join the BRICS grouping last year have confirmed their joining: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Ethiopia and Iran.

“Argentina has written to us to indicate that it will not take any decision on this successful application submitted by the previous government to join as a full member of BRICS,” Pandor said in statements at a press conference in the capital Johannesburg. And we accept it.” decision.”

The five countries, along with Argentina, were invited to join the group during a summit held in Johannesburg last August, which also includes Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa, which joined earlier this year. Have been. The countries agreed to join, Argentina declined the invitation.

Since last December, Argentina has been led by Javier Mille, a member of the extreme right movement and a supporter of the Western camp led by the United States.

The BRICS block was established in 2006, and held its first meeting in 2009. The group views itself as an alternative to Western economic hegemony, represented by the Group of Seven major countries led by the United States. It also believes that the group will contribute to restoring balance in the global system, which it describes as outdated.

Before the addition of the five new countries, the contribution of BRICS to the global economy reached 31.5%, while the contribution of the seven industrial powers was 30.7%.

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