London and Washington are preparing options for recognizing the state of Palestine


British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that certain steps must be taken before recognizing a Palestinian state, while a US website reported that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has asked his department to review options related to recognizing that state. Said.

Sunak said that first the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) should be removed from Gaza, and a Palestinian government should be established in Gaza and the West Bank. In addition to the two-state solution, it is also necessary to develop a concrete plan for reforming and supporting the Palestinian Authority and a plan for the reconstruction of Gaza.

The British Prime Minister stressed his country's support for Israel and the need to remove what he described as a “terrorist threat” against it and ensure its permanent security.

Regarding the war in Gaza, Sunak expressed Britain's deep concern about the humanitarian situation in Gaza and said his country was working to bring in more aid.

The “Al-Aqsa flood” battle and the upcoming war on Gaza have once again brought to the fore the two-state solution (Social Networking Sites).

Blinken's approach

In a related context, Axios quoted a US official as saying that reviewing options related to recognizing Palestinian statehood was one of the issues that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had asked the department to consider.

The US website said Blinken also requested a review of what a demilitarized Palestinian state could look like based on other models around the world.

The US official said the purpose of the review is to consider options for implementing a two-state solution in a way that “ensures Israel's security.”

He stressed that the White House is aware of the ongoing reviews, and that Blinken has not signed off on any new policies and that the State Department is in the process of developing a larger list of options.

Axios quoted a spokesperson for the National Security Council at the White House as saying that long-standing US policy is that any recognition of a Palestinian state should come through direct negotiations between the two parties, and not at the United Nations. Through unilateral recognition. , and this policy has not changed.

The website cited a senior US official as saying that officials in President Joe Biden's administration believe that recognition of Palestinian statehood should be the first step in negotiations to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, not the last. Efforts to find a diplomatic way out of the war in Gaza have opened the door to rethinking many old US policies.

The “Al-Aqsa flood” battle initiated by the Palestinian resistance on October 7 and the unprecedented attack against Israel revived discussion about the need to find a permanent solution to the conflict and brought back the term two-state solution. Firmly at the forefront after years of neglect.

Furthermore, the Israeli massacres during the war on the Gaza Strip, which have so far resulted in around 27,000 martyrs and around 67,000 injured, embarrassed the major powers to repeatedly talk about a two-state solution, but they Within the conditions set.

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