Honoring the Director of the Royal Film Commission of Jordan at the 74th Berlin Film Festival

The Arab Cinema Center announced that it will honor Muhannad Al-Bakri, Director General of the Royal Jordanian Film Commission, with the Personality of the Year Award for Arab Cinema during the Berlin Film Festival, starting on February 15. 25.

A report published on the “Variety” website indicated that the center honors prominent figures in the industry who “helped advance the Arab film industry in the eyes of the international filmmaking community”, as Muhannad Al-Bakri. Attracted many top directors. Made Hollywood films which achieved huge successes. He led a large work team to establish the first cinematography studio complex in Jordan.

career journey

Muhannad al-Bakri began his work at the Royal Film Commission of Jordan in 2007 and took up the position of Director General in 2009. Since then, he has led the Commission's funding and training programmes, and opened the first dedicated film studio complex. Jordan to operate in Amman in 2023.

Some scenes of the movie “Duni” were shot in Amman, the capital of Jordan (Social Networking Sites)

Hollywood films partly filmed in Jordan under the supervision of al-Bakri's Royal Broadcasting Corporation include Ridley Scott's The Martian and more recently Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker and Dune. “Dune” in both parts. It is expected that the launch party for “Dune 2” will be held at Olivewood Film Studios in the Middle East at the end of this month of February.

competition of critics

The Arab Cinema Center announced the winners of the seventh edition of the Critics Awards for Arab Films and the jury consisted of 193 critics from 72 countries.

The Best Film award went to director Yassin Al Darraji for the Iraqi film “Hanging Gardens”, and the Best Actor award went to Tunisian Adam Bassa. As far as Best Actress is concerned, the award went to Moroccan Lubna Azabal for the film “The Blue Kaftan”. ,” is the film that won the screenplay award for both Meriem Tourani and Nabil Ayouch, and the Best Cinematography award went to the Polish Virginie Sorge. Tunisian director Youssef Chabbi also won the Best Director award for the film “Ashkal.” And he Also won the award for Best Editing. For Best Documentary Film, it was “The Green Hand” by Palestine's Joumana Manna. The award for Best Soundtrack went to Tunisian Amin Bouhafa for the film Under the Tree.

The Arab Cinema Center celebrates the tenth anniversary of its establishment this year and has been working to promote the Arab film industry at the most important festivals and film markets around the world since its inception. It is also the first mobile platform that links, sponsors and promotes the Arab film industry, and connects it to festivals, markets and local, regional and international audiences.

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