Bomb thrown at Israeli embassy fence in Sweden


Israeli Channel 12 said a suspicious object was found near the Israeli Embassy in Sweden, adding that a grenade had been thrown at the outer fence of the embassy building.

The channel said the bomb did not explode and was destroyed.

For its part, Swedish police said an explosive device found outside the Israeli embassy in Stockholm on Wednesday was destroyed by bomb experts.

Police said embassy staff notified police that the item had been found, which raised a higher level of alert for law enforcement officials.

The device was later detonated in a controlled manner, a police spokesperson told TV4.

Police declined to provide any details about the nature of the object or how it reached the embassy area and said they had launched an investigation.

Stockholm police said forensic police had gone to the site to find possible evidence and obtain images from surveillance cameras in the area.

For its part, the Aftonbladet daily newspaper, citing unnamed sources, reported that the object was believed to be a grenade that was thrown over the embassy fence and landed near the building.

The officials set up a security cordon at a distance of about 100 meters from the embassy.

For his part, Israeli Ambassador to Sweden Zev Nevo Coleman wrote on the “X” platform, “Today we were attacked by an attempted attack on the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm and its staff.” “Terrorism will not scare us,” he said.

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