Analyst: Targeting UNRWA is part of a process of ethnic cleansing against Palestinians

Analysts and experts believe that the suspension of some countries' funding of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) is intended to eliminate the idea of ​​the right of return, continuing the ethnic cleansing plan that Israel is carrying out. Is implementing. Gaza Strip, and divert the world's attention from the International Court of Justice ruling that suggested Israel committed the crime of genocide against Palestinians.

Despite growing warnings of the disastrous consequences of a collapse of the agency's work, 16 countries, led by the United States, announced they were suspending their support for the agency.

On the other hand, the agency confirmed that the decisions to suspend funding were issued, even though it had not received any official letter from Israel regarding allegations of involvement of some of its staff in the events of last October 7.

betrayal by donors

Commenting on these developments, former UNRWA spokesperson Chris Gaines said that what is happening is “a betrayal by the agency's donors, which employs 13,000 of the most qualified personnel in Gaza.”

The program “Gaza… What Next?” During his involvement, Gans said that the countries that suspended the agency's funding were “subservient to the Israeli-American agenda, because they did not wait for the results of the investigation into Israel's allegations.”

Accordingly, Gans believes that what is happening against UNRWA is completely in line with the calls of the fascist Israeli right, which demands the complete destruction of Gaza, adding that “Israel believes That destroying UNRWA means destroying the very idea of ​​refugees' existence.” , And what America and Israel want is “madness”.

In line with the policy of ethnic cleansing

Almost the same opinion was shared by Benjamin Friedman, professor of international security at George Washington University, who said that what is happening with UNRWA is “consistent with the clean-up policy adopted by Israel in Gaza”, indicating that among Israelis ” Bad relations”. With UNRWA, and they want to get rid of it.”

Friedman said the U.S. position is not surprising “because the Joe Biden administration does not want to antagonize or antagonize Israel in this regard either.”

In contrast, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, believes that what is happening is “part of a clear, major US-Israeli conspiracy that began as soon as the International Court of Justice's decision was issued. ” Divert the world’s attention from the crimes committed by Israel.”

Barghouti said that the destruction of UNRWA “is not new,” noting that Washington had tried by all means to eliminate this agency in 1994 under the pretext that the “Oslo” accords were signed between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. After that it was no longer important. ,

According to Barghouti, Washington and Tel Aviv not only want to dismantle UNRWA, “but also want to dismantle the entire refugee issue, revoke the right of return of 7 million Palestinian refugees, and destroy anyone serving the Palestinians.” Want to destroy the components of the international institution.”

Accordingly, al-Barghouti believes that attacking the agency is “part of a conspiracy whose purpose is primarily to attack the Palestinian cause and enable ethnic cleansing against Palestinians.”

On the other hand, Friedman believes that the Biden administration and Democrats do not want to defund the agency, while some members of Congress are trying to take advantage of these allegations to stop its funding, which should be reflected in the next budget. Will go. “I don't think the Biden administration supports the idea of ​​changing the agency, and the fear is that the administration will do that.” “Republic.”

Biden is no different from Trump

But al-Barghouti believes that “the Biden administration is no different from the Donald Trump administration with respect to Palestine, as it has used its years in power to try to expand normalization agreements at the expense of the Palestinians.”

Barghouti stressed that the entire region faces the threat of an explosion, “and that's what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has not given up on the idea of ​​cleanup, wants,” adding that the United States “if If he was not conspiring, he should have ordered Israel to stop the war immediately, but he is not doing so.

For his part, Friedman expressed his belief that the only solution to reducing the threat in the region is for the United States to stop the ongoing war in Gaza on the one hand, and to withdraw its forces from Syria and Iraq and all those areas on the other. Have to take it back. According to him, they are an easy target for militias supported by Tehran, so that the matter may not directly lead to the outbreak of a US-Iranian war.

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