Adel Imam's son responded to rumors that his father suffers from Alzheimer's and prevents him from appearing in the media

The family of artist Adel Imam announced his retirement from acting and was satisfied with the artistic work he presented, and his desire to spend his time with his family and grandchildren during the “Joy Ord” concert last January 20. While enjoying, it was reported that the reason behind his son Rami and Muhammad Adel Imam announcing this decision was due to injury. His father has Alzheimer's disease, due to which the family decided not to enter the media directly.

The failure of the Egyptian artist nicknamed “The Leader” to attend the ceremony in Riyadh sparked controversy, as he was given an extraordinary award named “Leader of Arab Art”, which is awarded once. No more. Given to someone else. It was received by his youngest son, actor Mohammed Imam, and his family contented themselves with displaying a short audio message with words of thanks to the audience.

But Muhammad Adel Imam denied that his father had been isolated from media appearances and during televised statements on the sidelines of the ceremony, and confirmed that his father was enjoying a period of rest in his home. And were meeting their partners as usual and lovers.

In 2022, journalist Mohammed al-Baz confirmed during his program on Al-Nahar channel that Adel Imam would not return to acting and that he was suffering from some symptoms of Alzheimer's, which his two sons denied at the time . Earlier, during an interview with “The Sibyl” program, El-Baz said that he knew that Adel Imam had been diagnosed with the disease through his close friends. Later he was forced to deny this news.

Director Rami Adel Imam announced his father's decision to retire, saying that he had decided to take a leave of absence and be at home with his grandchildren, and the work he has presented over his extended artistic career. Will be satisfied with that.

Adel Imam and Dalal Abdel Aziz in the Valentino series (Social Networking Sites)
The series “Valentino” was the last artistic appearance of artist Adel Imam in 2020 (Social Networking Sites)

end of presence

The last appearance of the artist Adel Imam took place on May 17 last year during the celebration of his 83rd birthday, when his manager Adel Suleiman published a group of photos of him in the company of several close friends and colleagues. The artistic community, including Yusra Welba and artist Khaled Sirhan and his brother. Producer Isam Imam and many artists.

Adel Imam was scheduled to present his latest work, the film “Al-Wadh and His Father”, co-starring his youngest son Muhammad Imam, directed by Rami Imam, but postponed the project more than once. went, and then it was cancelled. declare.

As for the last work of Adel Imam, it was the series “Valentino” in 2020, written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar and directed by Rami Imam, after a career that he started with small roles in the sixties of the last century , before he played the lead role in the seventies, and continued his career for consecutive decades, thus becoming the owner of the “Valentino” series in 2020. The greatest balance of artistic championships in the history of Egyptian art is in theatre, cinema and television drama.

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