Police raids and 17 arrests in Bavaria over anti-Semitic comments on social media

German police have raided and arrested 17 people in the southern state of Bavaria in an operation aimed at tracking down people who made harsh anti-Semitic comments on social media and celebrated Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel.

The suspects arrested by police in Bavaria, Germany are under criminal investigation for inciting, using symbols of banned terrorist organizations or endorsing criminal acts with anti-Semitic social media posts they made against Israel and pro-Hamas.

The suspects arrested for the harsh social media comments against Israel and Jews are two women and 15 men aged 18-62, according to authorities. German police said they questioned suspects and seized evidence of anti-Semitic comments, including mobile phones and laptops, during raids in Munich and elsewhere in Bavaria.

“Photograph of Hitler”

A suspect had allegedly sent a WhatsApp chat image showing a clown with the words “Poison gas the Jews”.

Another suspect reportedly posted on his social media account that “Mr“Jewish sons” deserve nothing more than to be slaughtered “and be annihilated.” The post reportedly ended with the slogan “Freedom in Palestine.”

According to police, another suspect posted a photo of Hitler shortly after Oct. 7 with the caption: “I could kill all the Jews, but I let some live to show you why I killed them.” Next to it was a Palestinian flag, with the caption “Freedom in Palestine” and a victory sign emoji.

“Unfortunately, anti-Semitism characterizes the everyday life of many Jews in Germany. The terrorist attack by Hamas against Israel also has an impact on their lives in Germany,” said Michael Weinchirl, the Bavarian police commissioner responsible for investigating hate crimes.

“It is important to show the Jews and the Israelis that we support them here in Bavaria, that we protect them here and also protect them from hostility, Michael Weinchirl emphasized. He pledged that the police would punish criminal statements made both online and at demonstrations.

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