'Near tragedy with British Navy nuclear submarine' says Sun - How it was saved in the 'chuck'

A report from the newspaper “The Sun” states that a nuclear-powered submarine of the Royal Navy of Britain was almost destroyed.

According to the Sun, Britain’s Vanguard-class submarine experienced a problem with its main depth gauge a year ago.

So the specific indications were wrong with the result that it showed that it was at a safe depth, while it was at a dangerous one, where the water pressure could destroy it and kill the crew.

However, experienced engineers noticed the anomaly in other gauges, and upon inspection found that there was a problem, averting a disaster that would have been the biggest for the Royal British Navy since the Second World War.

According to the Sun, an investigation into the incident has been ordered with the findings being confidential. The publication has caused many reactions.

The Vanguard-class submarine, one of a total of four submarines of this type in the Royal Navy, equipped with Trident nuclear-launched ballistic missiles.

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