Israeli airstrikes in South Lebanon - At least 9 dead, including journalist and photographer

Israel today (21.11.2023) launched four airstrikes in southern Lebanon, where fierce fighting has raged for six weeks, following a Hamas attack that marked the start of the bloodiest war in the Middle East.

According to Lebanese armed forces officials and hospital sources cited by Xinhua news agency, an Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) fired a missile at a car near the village of Chaatiya (southwest) in the Middle East region. killing the four occupants.

According to the Elnashra network, the victims of Israel’s attack in the Middle East region are three members of Hamas and a deputy commander of the Al-Qassam Brigades in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, one member of Lebanon’s Hezbollah was killed and the fate of several others is unknown after another airstrike launched by Israel in the village of Hiam (southeast).

Earlier, Israel’s armed forces had launched a UAV attack on the community of Tir Harfa, killing three people – including a journalist and a photographer.

In another airstrike in the village of Kfar Kila, an 80-year-old woman was killed and her granddaughter was injured.

Following the start of the Middle East war between Israel and Hamas, Lebanon’s Hezbollah on October 8 fired dozens of rockets into Israeli territory in support of the Palestinian Islamist group’s attacks.

The Israeli army responded with artillery shells, and since then clashes have occurred almost daily along the border.

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