EU votes in favor of law to make it easier to repair electronic devices - 'Repair instead of throwing away'

The EU today (21.11.2023) voted in favor of a proposed law to make it easier to repair electronic products and devices at lower prices, with the message of “repair instead of throwing away” prevailing among MEPs.

According to the EU’s “right to repair” proposal, repair should be preferred to replacement while the product is still under warranty. “People want to extend the life of their devices, but often this is expensive or difficult”explains the rapporteur of the law René Repazi (S&D).

Consumers will have the right to request repair of their washing machines, televisions, vacuum cleaners, smartphones and other products after the warranty has expired.

“We have adopted a series of measures to encourage consumers to choose repair over replacement, placing the burden on supporting independent repairers and introducing financial incentives,” adds Mr. Repazi.

To reduce repair costs, MEPs want to increase the competitiveness of the repair market by establishing online platforms that will help consumers find repairers near them.

The independent repairers they will be able to access the parts and information required in connection with the restoration of the devices.

MEPs are also proposing the enactment financial incentives for consumers.

“After decades of impunity for the benefit of a ‘throw-away’ economy, this text establishes for the first time the legal right to reparation at a reasonable price and time”, according to MEP David Cormand (EELV).

Repairable products thrown in the trash in the EU correspond to 35 million tons of waste per year.

According to a study by the European Commission, 77% of European citizens would prefer to repair their products instead of buying new ones.

This would mean saving money for them: the European consumers they lose about 12 billion euros per year in purchases of new products to replace old ones.

With information from APE, AFP and Reuters / Photos: Reuters

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