A two-meter green mamba extremely poisonous roams free in a Dutch city

An “extremely venomous” green mamba, a snake about two meters long, escaped from its owner’s home in the southern Netherlands, local authorities warned today, urging residents to be extra vigilant.

The municipality of Tilburg called on the residents of a district near the train station to be careful and “not to approach the snake”.

The mamba “does not seek confrontation with anyone”, but “it is dangerous” and “its bite is extremely poisonous”, the announcement states. “If it bites someone, it is important that that person receives medical treatment immediately,” added the municipality, which also posted a photo of the green reptile on its website.

Residents are asked, if they see the snake, to stay away and call the authorities immediately. “Do not try to catch it yourself,” the statement said.

According to the experts cited by the municipality, the tropical snake will not easily come out of the hiding place where it has taken refuge, due to the weather conditions prevailing in the Netherlands. “It likes dark, warm places,” added the municipality.

The snake’s owner notified police late Monday night that he was “missing a reptile.” In the meantime, he moved his collection of snakes to another area.

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